Sunday, December 29, 2013

You won't even believe this...

Are you perplexed  that I have taken a hiatus from blogging? I am saying like an entire 6 months.  I know, right?   It was not intentional those first few weeks. My motherboard crashed and Chief lost his job, and so well it was not on the need list to order a motherboard. So the blogging got behind. Then when  we fixed our situation,  I felt like so many weeks went by. How do I do a recap on so many things that happen within a few weeks span.   Then oh yeah, I got a job.  It is not full time, but I have not worked this much outside the home for a LOOONGGG time and I didn't have  5 kids at the same time.

   So there you go, I have big and grand excuses. This little update is not even close to a promise, to myself. It may just be that update.
   I am letting go of some expectations I have on my self. So for the new year, all my goals are going to be Non- goals, that's right. NO goals or expectations.    What?   The other way has not worked out for me so much so, I may just give this a shot.   If something amazing gets accomplished by me, then I will just be surprised. Right?   I will let you know how that goes later.

   So We did Christmas. It was a mess,  it was wonderful, we had tears, we have laughing, we had some sibling fights to break up, and we had some sweet sibling love too.   I yelled a few times because the kids did not find my idea of order to be appeasing on the morning of Christmas to maintain order from what could be a chaotic exchange of what would end up like a tableau of hunger games.    The photo above was taken while the monsters  angels slept with sugar plum fairies dancing in their heads.

     After this mess was collectively cleaned up, I enjoyed my second cup of coffee and relished the birth of a Humble and Mighty King born in a stable long long ago.    
Till we chat again. 
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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!