Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lifechanger and a run

Hard week. Desperate, and deflated is what I can chalk last week to.  So what else to do but run. Running is a huge stress relief for me.  I hate the start, it takes so much energy to battle my my own thoughts. "Maybe today is a bad day, I have tons of laundry!"  "My knees hurt!" "I just don't even feel like it!"  I have to lay all those thoughts aside, tie up laces and hit the road. It always gives me a sense of accomplishment. Which in this season, I am coming up short with so many aspects that if feels good to start and finish something.  At the end I am always glad no matter the distance that I did.
 I found myself here,  this weekend At Hudson's graveside.  A song came on the iPod that took my breath away. So much so all I could do was right there in the middle of the grass bend my knees and weep.
  This is part of the lyrics:
All stand applaud, Your Father God
The Maker King who never tires
Who renovates the human hearts
And gives the broken brand new starts

Redemption flowing from His hand
We all can start at life again
Heaven stands to celebrate
For the ones who come today
So come just as you are
Come just as you are

Chainbreaker, Heart Savior
Jesus, the great Redeemer
Life changer, Liberator
Jesus, the great Redeemer

From slavery to bravery
This is the love that reaches deep
And Jesus cross split history
It lit the dark and set us free

  You really have to hear it to appreciate this song.  For me, this song represented something God wanted me to hear which was this
 " I was your strength to walk you through this time with Hudson,
 he was a game changer for you guys. I am the life changer for you and for your family. 
 I was there on those days you said you could no longer breath.  I am that same God, that Same Redeemer.
 I was your strength. 
                                      I am your strength. You are right, you 
CAN not DO this.   
                                But I can.
                                                      I will. 

                                                                    The fight is worth it. 
 My love of greatest sacrifice can do this. 
     Believe me for it!"

  I know I know this is not what the song says, this is just words that washed over me in this moment right there in 
 the  middle of good fellows cemetery.

  Ugh, Help me remember this when a week like this happens. 

Seriously, just send me a text that says. "lifechanger" and I 
will pull my big girls pants up and stop doubting.

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