Sunday, January 13, 2013

Word of the Year 2013

Its been a little while. Hello friends. We are one to a new year. With a new year, new vision and a new word. Last year we were challenged to seek a new word representing what the months to follow would cling to. A promise if you will, and boy did it ring true for the year we had. On to this one.  Chief and I began seeking a word for this year.  Praying, reflecting. Then there was a word my sweet hubby came up with. I tell you it was super hard to confess this word because I am afraid of what it looks like this year. How it will manifest itself in this new year. 
    We went to a service at our church and as soon as the word OUR word came out of our pastors mouth. We knew.  Here it is.....
  Have you ever read the book of Nehemiah? Okay little Sunday school lesson in a nutshell. So the walls of Jerusalem had been broken down in Judah. Nehemiah's brother came and shared the news to which Nehemiah was torn and heartbroken. He begged his king if he can go and repair the walls which were in rubble. The walls came down, well.. were burnt down.  Nehemiah wanted to restore these walls to honor the Lord.  He set out to build rock by rock, and then they came "builder of the walls." Gods people.  Also there were the critics (Sanballot and Tobiah) who mocked and ridiculed Nehemiah and his wall builders. But Nehemiah continued strong building until every single rock was in place.  The wall RESTORED the Glory... Gods. 
   Sometimes we are in a rubble of our own mess. Sometimes it feels impossible for the rubble to be built back up, even hopeless.  Sometimes it feels like too much so we sit in the ruin of our disgrace, waiting for someone to pull us out.  Worse sometimes before we even begin to build the "sandballots and Tobiahs" take any hope we have formed to move even one stone.   Sometimes we forget how AWESOME, MIGHTY, GOOD, POWERFUL our God is.  Can He not, will He not, Will we ask Him? 

   This year is the year of restoration for us. Restoration of old ruins and rubble. Restoration of things we thought were dead.  Restoration of our walls.   
 I love this word, even if I am scared of what the growth will look like.   Get your word, people...I promise it helps and encourages. 

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!