Thursday, January 31, 2013

African Hair Care

Let me just say African hair care is no easy task.  I grew up in the Virgin Islands, my local school had no white(Caucasian) kids. the Island Public Schools consist of Black (West Indian), Hispanic (Puerto Rican and Dominican) , Trini (Trinidad) sometimes Indian. 
   Kids that had "white people hair" were very seldom and sometimes even considered "rich" kids.  I had naturally curly hair and that was a novelty also.  I remember the island girls coming to school with braids and nice relaxed hair. If you had your hair like the photo of my little Roo up above you were in trouble.  
   Also African Americans are very serious about hair care. Trust me I have gotten phone numbers from stranger Black woman that volunteer to save my girls from the disgrace. It usually ends with "thank you so much" and I pocket the number and then read up on the new hair product and use that one.  
   Then the hair gets frizzy and well I am at a loss again. I am not one of these spectacular moms that can work magic on their girls hair they are amazing and I feel so ill equipped when it comes to their skill.  
         I took little Roo for her first ever hair cut, um she is 5 and a HALF. Seriously.  Would you look at these curls. She got a special cut called the Ouidad,  I do recommend this place its in Snohomish  . We like the professionals here, they were caring and didn't cut too much off.  It did take care of the frizz. I just wish I could bring Kelsey home with me to style here hair for the next few years. 
 Is she not the most precious little one ever. I am biased :)  


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