Wednesday, November 21, 2012


J-man, my sweet boy. This past weekend your dad took you on a weekend on a "manly" weekend. I packed you full of junk, and you know this was hard for me to put these items in my cart. 

Your dad took you to your favorite spot Ocean Shores. You two bunked it in grandmas condo.  

Your dad taught you how to play Rumi, and while playing this game he shared some stories with you. Stories of his life, the hard, the ugly the good. 

  He shared with you about big boys things. Things you knew about, things you heard about and things that made your face blush. He shared with you a desire your creator placed in you. He shared with you how to treat a lady. He taught you the mystery's of  relationships even when he is still learning himself :).  He taught you how to check the oil to a car,  how to do an engine check. I am in love with him.
    I shared with you some "ladies" things but son this is to be continued for all your life.
  I gave you this purity ring as a reminder of the weekend chats you had with dad.  
  I am so proud of you. Your a such an inspirational person. I like spending time with you.   We are always here for you, even when you when you share things with us and we give you the "when we were your age" bit. You roll your eyes and tell us we have no idea how things are now. You know what bud, we told our parents that one too.    I love you big, real big.
 Your mama
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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!