Wednesday, November 21, 2012


J-man, my sweet boy. This past weekend your dad took you on a weekend on a "manly" weekend. I packed you full of junk, and you know this was hard for me to put these items in my cart. 

Your dad took you to your favorite spot Ocean Shores. You two bunked it in grandmas condo.  

Your dad taught you how to play Rumi, and while playing this game he shared some stories with you. Stories of his life, the hard, the ugly the good. 

  He shared with you about big boys things. Things you knew about, things you heard about and things that made your face blush. He shared with you a desire your creator placed in you. He shared with you how to treat a lady. He taught you the mystery's of  relationships even when he is still learning himself :).  He taught you how to check the oil to a car,  how to do an engine check. I am in love with him.
    I shared with you some "ladies" things but son this is to be continued for all your life.
  I gave you this purity ring as a reminder of the weekend chats you had with dad.  
  I am so proud of you. Your a such an inspirational person. I like spending time with you.   We are always here for you, even when you when you share things with us and we give you the "when we were your age" bit. You roll your eyes and tell us we have no idea how things are now. You know what bud, we told our parents that one too.    I love you big, real big.
 Your mama

Hey..been a while

Let me catch you up. Here is a huge prayer report. My sisters cancer is gone. That's right, test came back an we are super excited and so blessed praise report right there ladies and gents! Hallelujer! I love her. Thank you for praying!

We have had the sniffles, strep throats and gunky noses around here. With 7 people it will just bound to be someone will not be feeling well. However Our two Ghana kids are strong and NEVER get sick. In fact G has never been down. E our boy got sick this time. He started being very whinny and distant everything made him cry, we didn't know why he was acting up. Then one afternoon after school, he had tears rolling down his face and said "mom, I keep swallowing my spit and it feels like I have something in the back of my throat." I seriously think its the first time he had a sour throat.  He also had a hard time letting go and letting me take care of him.   It broke my heart, kids with trauma have such a hard time trusting someone will care for them. I often wonder if his body did not ever allow him to get sick so he would not be rejected.  I had to literally lay him on my lap and tell him its okay to not get up and do chores.  my heart.

Then we lived through the election. Took the opportunity to teach our little's about voting and voting rights and all the interesting tidbits that go along with it. 


Found an amazing similarity between my mother and I. My sister took this photo of her, and I instantly knew I had the same face. Here you go. I am my mom.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


I am so embarrassed to say that my oldest son went to a Halloween party and I did not snap a photo of him before he left. Big bummer!

Stressed are we?

       Did I tell you I had a scare at the hospital a few weeks ago? Apparently, the doctors are chalking it up to be a nervous breakdown. I know, crazy because all the physicians have  asked me the same question "Have you got anything stressful going on in your life?" Me: "the usual stuff everyone worry's about, kids,money, guilt...etc"

 Right. So, $4000 ER visit, Neurology test, negative tests returns everything else checked our great. So follow up to the Dr. went something like this. "I think you have stress, I think you may have had a nervous break down!''  Me: "Really, I am not sure I feel stressed?''   Funny thing about stress...funny thing.   You can get very used to it. So much so, you think its quit normal.   You even ignore the signs your body may be giving you like back aches, migraines, insomnia, etc.  Who has time to worry about stress right?! 
  Wrong. During my doctor visit they had noticed I have put on 25 pounds from the last visit two years ago.  Cortisol a stress hormone has taken effect on my body and well. I am overweight. Apparently being on a diet of coffee is NOT a good idea. 

Long story to say Dr. Orders were that I joined a gym or Yoga Center right away, exercise at least 4 times a week, eat healthy, drink tons of water,  loose 25 lbs, and get this my absolute favorite of all time....Take time to myself. Ha!

This is the worse thing, I feel extremely guilty as a mom even taking a few minutes in the bathroom. I know dumb. Its true I do. 

  Chatted with the hubs about the "info" and he signed us up for a gym right away. Plus its getting icky around here with the rain and the kids needs a place to go wild  be active. 

Also I have decided to get outside to walk more as well. Today was a beautiful time to get out there.

 I am working on stress relief. I have been two a few excersise classes and Hot Yoga, and I think this one kinda back fired on me, I was so stressed that I would fart during class, I may have had some high anxiety at yoga. I digress...carry on.  Lets see how this goes. breath.
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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!