Wednesday, October 3, 2012

To Frank on his 36th Birthday

This will get gushy. This will, so look away. I am crazy about this guy. When I say crazy I mean I still get giddy and butterflies when I know he is coming through the door. I know, have you looked away yet are you dry heaving. No?
   I realized something today. I meet this man ....well he was a boy at the time. When I was 17. Yes sir that be 17 years young. Our fist encounter went like this.
   Me walking with my best friend  at DTS *Discipleship Training School* Youth with a Mission in Colorado 1996.  Seeing a tall boy who had a brown  striped sweater, green cords slacks, a hacky sack and a black back pack with a plush Winnie the Pooh tied to his pack with a cross necklace hanging from Poohs neck. Um, yes, I probably remember what you wore when I first meet you too, Its a gift.
     Boy: "Hey do you want to hear something awesome!"
  Me: "Always, but what's your name?"
 Boy: "you can call me Teabo."
  Me: "What......  Teabo, what kinda name is that...sounds like a rappers name. Your one of those white boys that want to be a rapper huh!"
  Boy" thats my last name, and this Pooh  Bear just got saved!'
 Me: :"Wow, does this line work for you!"
 Boy: "Um...."
 I walk away knowing he was watching me walk away. Kinda thought I was something sassy back then I suppose!
  I walked into the Lodge of that Colorado Lodge and looked at Lynda and said " I like that one, we are  going to be good friends!"
               I am going to have to finish this story another day.

 But 17 years later on this  birthday. I am still giddy for him. I have known this man for half my life. I love him. I treasure him...and that last name of his. And I believe the line did work! 
                             Happy Birthday Best friend!

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