Thursday, October 11, 2012

Scary ''Episode"

Little interesting week. So for the last week I have had some pretty strange happenings. Well its actually been happening off and on but for a week solidly I have been feeling this. Dizzy spells, nausea, shortness of breath, sudden confusion, killer headache. I would sit on the couch pull a blanket over my head and shush everyone till it was gone. Easy, lasted about an hour and then done. I felt awesome again. 
Come Monday.
It was the evening. I was getting dinner prepped  I was super busy this day and disappointed that my laundry was behind. Big deal, I know but in a huge family one day behind in a week..feels like at least. So, cooking dinner, I got very lighted headed. I layed down. My neighbor came to ask if I can watch her son for a few problem.  I sat down on the couch. Called my sister we were in deep conversation and I began to drift. She said I was mumbling  I felt like throwing up.  The room got very bright, It hurt to keep my eyes open so I shut my eyes. My body felt hot, but I was freezing, tears ran down my face. My kids ask if I was okay, I could not answer. In two minutes chief came in and saw me. I was apparently cold and clammy and pale and shaking and unable to converse. I don't remember the details  just that my kids were tying my shoes a couple of them crying. Chief making calls, and I saying nothing in particular.  Fast forward to the ER. 
 I get back to the room. Where what happens...I come to, I feel great no problem, I feel fine and wonderful. I could actually run a couple of miles. Feel that good. Heart monitored, EKG, brain scans, urine test, and blood show ..nothing

  Nurses perplexed, Doctors Perplexed. I think they even thought I was making it up. They asked chief if he had seen my ''episode''. Yes, I totally faked it for a night away being poked and having to wait and wait...that's so me. 
      So...all that to say I go in on Monday and I am praying for an answer. I am imagining what they will say " Your probably stressed.'' They are probably right.
 Only scary part. My dad has a triple bypass, my uncle (his brother) a quad bypass, an uncle (dads brother)  that died after his, two aunts (his sisters)with heart issues a  grand father (his dad) that died on the Brooklyn subway from a heart attack.    Heart diseases have taken my family even ones in my own broad.    I will be fine. I will be fine, I will be fine.

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