Friday, October 26, 2012

Busy week and a few genius ideas

Its been a busy week.   Here is what we have been up to lately. 
 Last weekend we did this. Cheer competition. It was quit the ordeal.  Lasted all day. Our girls did not place in the finals. Bummed, but we did have a blast. One more game and cheer is over for the season. 

Voted...wish this was more exciting that it looks. Truth is, I want this to be over like yesterday.

This household does a load 2 loads a day...or more. Its overwhelming and always feels our of control. New idea that has come to me...everyone does there own. What..what! Each child has a day assigned from them. They have their own basket, they bring it to the laundry room, fill the washer add the soap and press start. I put it in the dryer fold and then when they come home from school they get to take it back up. I know completely and utter genius.

         I pin,I don't always get to work on the ideas I pin, but sometimes I do. Somedays I make recipes and sometimes I even get to do a few practical and savvy kitchen ideas. Here is one...Stuffed Peppers 

                     Delish and A family favorite
    And this one this idea was quit brilliant. Homemade instant oatmeal packets.
This one saves me money. The instant boxes can up $2.50 a box and my large appetite children will eat  two packets at a time. They come with about 10 packets a box. So for $2.50 they can have oatmeal. Or at .55cents a lb for quick oats I can make 15 packets. 
 Its very genius and nutritious, (I add Chai and flax seed)

My friend Jody  over here has been blogging about some wonderful brilliant ideas she has pinned. I love the ideas...  Go Jody! I will join her...except mine may be a pin a week :) 
 Off to a Dr. Who episode. My favorite series. 

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