Friday, October 26, 2012

Busy week and a few genius ideas

Its been a busy week.   Here is what we have been up to lately. 
 Last weekend we did this. Cheer competition. It was quit the ordeal.  Lasted all day. Our girls did not place in the finals. Bummed, but we did have a blast. One more game and cheer is over for the season. 

Voted...wish this was more exciting that it looks. Truth is, I want this to be over like yesterday.

This household does a load 2 loads a day...or more. Its overwhelming and always feels our of control. New idea that has come to me...everyone does there own. What..what! Each child has a day assigned from them. They have their own basket, they bring it to the laundry room, fill the washer add the soap and press start. I put it in the dryer fold and then when they come home from school they get to take it back up. I know completely and utter genius.

         I pin,I don't always get to work on the ideas I pin, but sometimes I do. Somedays I make recipes and sometimes I even get to do a few practical and savvy kitchen ideas. Here is one...Stuffed Peppers 

                     Delish and A family favorite
    And this one this idea was quit brilliant. Homemade instant oatmeal packets.
This one saves me money. The instant boxes can up $2.50 a box and my large appetite children will eat  two packets at a time. They come with about 10 packets a box. So for $2.50 they can have oatmeal. Or at .55cents a lb for quick oats I can make 15 packets. 
 Its very genius and nutritious, (I add Chai and flax seed)

My friend Jody  over here has been blogging about some wonderful brilliant ideas she has pinned. I love the ideas...  Go Jody! I will join her...except mine may be a pin a week :) 
 Off to a Dr. Who episode. My favorite series. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The worst word in the English Dictionary.....

This past week we found out some bad news about someone EXTREMELY near and dear to me. Every time I feel my lips about to form this word my stomach turns and my heart pants faster. Cancer. Started Chemo, will have an operation. Will fight this.

 I bawled like a baby on Friday when I was conference called by my dear one and my mother.  I held it together as I heard her speak. Cancer ..she maintained composure and she began to share the details of the diagnosis of the prognosis of the treatment to come. 
   Hot tears rolling down my face, a pit to my stomach. I wanted to throw up.  She was finishing up the details and finished with "don't worry" "I will be okay" as if talking herself into it. I repeated it like a mantra over and over in my head. She finished up, we all hung up. Hardly speaking a word besides "I will call you later, k." 

  I threw my phone, I cupped my hands over my mouth as if trying to shush my own voice. No use, I let it out.   "No...why...why her....Why not me instead?"  Stupid things like "can I take her place. She has babies!"  Realizing I do too, but when you love someone this vast this deep, rational says protect. This is my job for this person anyways, I am her older sister.  My little 31 year old sweet sister has the C word ....Cancer

                                   her sweet little family
   Worst word in the English vocabulary. Cancer there is no warmth to it.   No matter what kind these are fighting words. Fight for health, fight for life.     
                           Her babies need her....we need her.
I want to say it will be okay. I want to say after this operation it will take every cell away. I want it to go away, I want it to never have existed in her body to begin with.  I want to be strength for her.  Even when I am afraid.   
  It will not be an easy road. She has a mess in front of her. She will need support and prayer in every way. 
    Many many survivors, many happy ever afters. She will be one. 
        We will have more times like this when she is well. 

                                        (don't ask! ha!)
 some more times like this...... 

 and these moments

   and in the meantime....Be praying for her. For Strength for wisdom of doctors, for support. For Community of care at her feet since we do not live close.     
   One day soon...we will hear that word.. (the C word) and it will just be another part of life. 
         We are going to get kick this shit!   (excuse the french!)  oh yeah and comment to let her know you are on board with praying!! 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My first friend. My sister

         This girl has my entire heart.  this one is my sister. My first friend. 

Scary ''Episode"

Little interesting week. So for the last week I have had some pretty strange happenings. Well its actually been happening off and on but for a week solidly I have been feeling this. Dizzy spells, nausea, shortness of breath, sudden confusion, killer headache. I would sit on the couch pull a blanket over my head and shush everyone till it was gone. Easy, lasted about an hour and then done. I felt awesome again. 
Come Monday.
It was the evening. I was getting dinner prepped  I was super busy this day and disappointed that my laundry was behind. Big deal, I know but in a huge family one day behind in a week..feels like at least. So, cooking dinner, I got very lighted headed. I layed down. My neighbor came to ask if I can watch her son for a few problem.  I sat down on the couch. Called my sister we were in deep conversation and I began to drift. She said I was mumbling  I felt like throwing up.  The room got very bright, It hurt to keep my eyes open so I shut my eyes. My body felt hot, but I was freezing, tears ran down my face. My kids ask if I was okay, I could not answer. In two minutes chief came in and saw me. I was apparently cold and clammy and pale and shaking and unable to converse. I don't remember the details  just that my kids were tying my shoes a couple of them crying. Chief making calls, and I saying nothing in particular.  Fast forward to the ER. 
 I get back to the room. Where what happens...I come to, I feel great no problem, I feel fine and wonderful. I could actually run a couple of miles. Feel that good. Heart monitored, EKG, brain scans, urine test, and blood show ..nothing

  Nurses perplexed, Doctors Perplexed. I think they even thought I was making it up. They asked chief if he had seen my ''episode''. Yes, I totally faked it for a night away being poked and having to wait and wait...that's so me. 
      So...all that to say I go in on Monday and I am praying for an answer. I am imagining what they will say " Your probably stressed.'' They are probably right.
 Only scary part. My dad has a triple bypass, my uncle (his brother) a quad bypass, an uncle (dads brother)  that died after his, two aunts (his sisters)with heart issues a  grand father (his dad) that died on the Brooklyn subway from a heart attack.    Heart diseases have taken my family even ones in my own broad.    I will be fine. I will be fine, I will be fine.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

To Frank on his 36th Birthday

This will get gushy. This will, so look away. I am crazy about this guy. When I say crazy I mean I still get giddy and butterflies when I know he is coming through the door. I know, have you looked away yet are you dry heaving. No?
   I realized something today. I meet this man ....well he was a boy at the time. When I was 17. Yes sir that be 17 years young. Our fist encounter went like this.
   Me walking with my best friend  at DTS *Discipleship Training School* Youth with a Mission in Colorado 1996.  Seeing a tall boy who had a brown  striped sweater, green cords slacks, a hacky sack and a black back pack with a plush Winnie the Pooh tied to his pack with a cross necklace hanging from Poohs neck. Um, yes, I probably remember what you wore when I first meet you too, Its a gift.
     Boy: "Hey do you want to hear something awesome!"
  Me: "Always, but what's your name?"
 Boy: "you can call me Teabo."
  Me: "What......  Teabo, what kinda name is that...sounds like a rappers name. Your one of those white boys that want to be a rapper huh!"
  Boy" thats my last name, and this Pooh  Bear just got saved!'
 Me: :"Wow, does this line work for you!"
 Boy: "Um...."
 I walk away knowing he was watching me walk away. Kinda thought I was something sassy back then I suppose!
  I walked into the Lodge of that Colorado Lodge and looked at Lynda and said " I like that one, we are  going to be good friends!"
               I am going to have to finish this story another day.

 But 17 years later on this  birthday. I am still giddy for him. I have known this man for half my life. I love him. I treasure him...and that last name of his. And I believe the line did work! 
                             Happy Birthday Best friend!
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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!