Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This happened today. I drove my 11 *will be 12* to middle school. 
                   I fought it I fought back the tears. 
 We walked into the school and walked to the lockers. I nervously tried like ten times to open it. We noticed very fast that there was two moms in the halls me and another mom of really young looking and very nervous 6th grader. I was sticking out like a sore thumb.  
Then came this "I will figure everything out mom. see you later" gasp.  me :"k. babe, see yous."
 And with that I excited the school no hugs no kiss. Just a broken heart. 
   I know I am sap. If that was not all. During elementary assembly I noticed a sweetheart friend of mine. We meet when our big boys were in toddler gym at our local YMCA. We sent our boys to kindergarten together and today we are both dropped our big boys to 6th grade. The music started at the assembly the same music that played when my now 6th grader was in Kindergarten. The big kicker...we both send our BABIES to kindergarten tomorrow. I was a mess!  
      He made it, he did good. He told me about the jocks, he told me who was made fun off and why and that he already has homework. 
          Middle school woes....twas not my fav!

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