Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ruby Roo meets Miss Evans

Little Roo, 
 Today was meet the teacher day at school. You were excited but I was even more excited! Your two older brothers were in Miss Evans class years ago. Miss Evans holds a special place in my heart for this reason. In fact we began our adoption of you while J was in her class 6 years ago!   So while I transitioned my first born to kindergarten class we were in the process of the beginning of your adoption .

back from memory lane...
You waited your turn very patiently to meet her. 

  Conversation went like this:
Roo: "Hi I am Ruby !''
Miss Evans: "I know who you are, you had two brothers in my class and the last time you were in my class you were so little!" 
Roo: "Yeah"

Miss Evans: "here lets get you a medal because everyone in my class in a winner!"
Mom: Silent sob

 My favorite part of this day was when you went into meet your music teacher . This is what you said 
"Hi I am Ruby ...well....(arms opened all sassy!)  sing for me!" 
 To which Mrs. Getty said "Hi I just meet you , and this is crazy, ...
you interupted to sing along
 "But here's my number....call me maybe!"

Kid your going to be okay. No mommy....that's another story!

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