Friday, September 14, 2012

My life be like

This happens at 6:00 AM. I wake to the shuffle of these men getting ready, place my feet in slippers wiping the sleep. Brush teeth, wash face.  Feed these two.
 One goes to Middle School in a car pool, and one goes to big daddy work.

Then This:
  Usually it goes like this. Kids wake, kids brush teeth, make beds, get dressed, clean up clothes on floor, eat breakfast, do chores, and work on passports (Geography Map program), and spelling (the dreaded spelling!) A few time outs, a few tears, a few deep breaths from myself. Spilled milk on counter, dropped ice cubes that have melted on the floor, someone forgot to flush the toilet and our dog went into it and made a mess. Someone punched someone else out of frustration. I  send two to  the trampoline to get energy out and finally I put one show on in the morning because we still have an hour left!! Sometime in here, I open my two devotionals Oswald Chambers and Jesus Calling.   Some prayer for the day...more deep breath.

  Then This: 4 take off to start the school day.

Then This lots and lots of this...

Then This... one of my favorites moments in the day. Just little Roo and I till 12:30

  To Kindergarten and then  2 1/2 entire hours to my self. Where I do........ a few more chores

 (This is after ONE child takes a bath after NOT wearing any shoes outside) 

  Maybe a run: Don't be jealy of the good looks.  
A few errands. Or maybe meet a friend for a coffee or lunch or simply connecting with friends via phone calls and texts. 

   Lets skip ahead in a nut shell. Get middle schoolers from drop off (every other day)  get middle schoolers to where they need to be. J and I have one hour before the littles come home. I work on dinner he works on catching up on episodes of Dr. Who and share about his day. 
   The littles get in I force a piece of fiber in thier mouth before we are doing this:

 The rest of the evening, Dinner for the kids, I take Chiefs and my dinner to the field. Cleaning dishes, prepping for the next morning, setting out clothing, doing loads of laundry and in-between those checking Facebook, corresponding to messages, clutter clean up and hitting the sack to do the same things all over again the next day. 
 AND this is not even counting the in betweens of those moments that come up and there are a plethora of those. I also think I go to Safeway  almost every two  days. MY WORD>.
   And people say stay at home moms work is not real work. Ha!

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