Saturday, September 29, 2012

Its been a tough couple

Dealing with some tough situations these past few weeks. Emotionally. Past demons that creep up to to leave me battle torn and exhausted.  

 Financially, Rough. We seem to come here often and it just sets me up for a stressful outlook. A very ungrateful spirit. 

  Children with learning disabilities have me feeling very helpless.

                   Feeling out of control of many things.

 Today, I opened up the word. Honestly I have not been in it. Honestly I have been ignoring it. I know, there you have it. I just needed to sit in the self pity. Not need but just wanted. 
       A sweet friend sent me a text the other day. She was following up on an email invitation to join a cyber bible study Good Morning Girls. I read it, and went on my day. 
Then she texted me went something like this:
  It cut some of it but the top said "You are doing this Bible Study with me, _____is doing it too.

I had many excuses why not. Time, commitment, I even threw this one....ready? I already read that one (the Bible.) Good one Nat, good one.
    This morning, dusted off the Bible. I opened it up and began to read. One verse hit me like a ton. 
    "He is before ALL things, and in HIM all Things HOLD together" Colossians 1:17
   Read this one a tons. Today it rang truth. LET GO. I can't hold it together anymore.  Light bulb.
     Today was lighter much lighter and grateful for friends that don't take no.

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