Monday, August 27, 2012

This Lately

Big Chief survived his first week of work.  BONUS: 1st time in 14 years he will now have Saturdays off. This is HUGE people. This means I will have him on Saturday mornings. BONUS: He has number 2 seniority in the whole building. Meaning he had second pick of a schedule. So he choose a three day weekend...why not?
 BONUS: He LOVES his job. LOVES it. I am so thrilled for this new chapter for him/us!

Been doing this too? Making school lists, crossing things off the list, returning things I bought too much on the list, and over and over.                                 Can.not.wait.kinda.
                Hand the kids first Jamboree this weekend. Do you see Big A he is number 76. We love everything about Football/Cheer. What being apart of a team like this is doing for our kids and the community. awesome.

 I mean are you for reals? Cutie P-atotie. 

Give me a V drop the I with C T O R Y, VICTORY (clap clap) is what we need! 

  Let me give you a small back story of this photo....She used her REAL name.  the end.

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!