Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The folks

For our first 13years of marriage I had lived away from my family for wayyyy to long. When we arrived in Georgia almost two years ago the best thing happened. I had my family. It was what I always wanted. My parents were close to exactly what I thought they would be. I would see them daily. If there was a day or two in between visits there was something bizarre with that. I LOVED it. When chief and I searched deep (there was not much searching) to find out Georgia was not really our home. It was the most difficult decisions we have ever had to made. Live where we don't feel at "home" and wait for the feeling ...or...move and miss the heck out of my family...again.
    I knew I would ache for them. My parents are fun and energetic and patient and if you meet my dad you would agree how jolly he is.  They are always up for an adventure. They love deep and mighty. I could drop my little's over without looking at the clock to rush back. My mom would whip up dinner and ask us to stay. 
    Sometimes...well lately. I just want my mommy and daddy even as a 33 year old adult.  I just want someone to take care of me...instead of me taking care for everyone else.  
             Miss and love you mammi and Papi.                              
 Little Nat...

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