Friday, August 31, 2012

some days it stinks.

(these days end on the bed with a "chat")
Kids from trauma most often have triggers. A big trigger for us is when there is a change. Dad is back home, my attention is split. change. We moved crossed country and left some very important adults in my daughters life. She was very close to my aunts and my mom and my sister. Very close. We are now facing another change school season coming. 
    I do not know if its in the air with any of you, but we are getting the fare share. 
    Its very difficult, its very draining, I most often fail at the things I should say. The patience I should have, the grace needed. Its very upsetting when there is no fast and quick answer.  
          I want to take it all away, I want to hurry up and get better. 
No such thing, its a journey,  there is hope, someday's its harder to see it. Such as this day. 
I need you to know that I love you, you are spunky and cool, and your always smiling and singing and dancing. You are joyful to have around and you laugh is contagious. 
   I wish you didn't have to loose someone to get here, I wish you didn't have to deal with the heartache.. I wish I could take your pain for you.  I believe in Hope for you. For us. 
   Your mama


Heckert's Highway said...

My heart just breaks for her and for you. It's hard to stand by and not be able to do anything. Praying that this year bring great healing in her heart and yours. I love you sweet friend!

Ellen Enright said...

You are a loving mama.

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!