Thursday, August 9, 2012


So...the above lovely photo was taken after my run. My friend and I were talking about how the beautiful runners of the Olympics look amazing even after a run. No red faces, their sweat looks like a soft glisten. But me, I stink, my face is red as a tomato and my eyes get really small. No fair. But one day I am so sure I will look like Joss or Felix...they makes it look easy!

                              This is what I look like after a visit at the Physical therapist. This tape is amazing. Have you heard of it? Olympians use it.   
    I have 30lbs to loose. I know that's a ton right? I have been very harmful to my body for the last two years.Two moves and two kids in the mix has left me with stress eating. You know what I do when I am stressed?  Eat no breakfast have six cups of coffee a day =no weight lost just the opposite. Well, its about time to take care of it again. P.Therapist is suggesting I also take on swim and Yoga.  
    Chief and I are going to do a body cleanse. Its sorta crazy because I wont be eating eggs, caffeine, or freaking cheese. I live on these!Find more about it here
  I will let you know when I start so you can check my progress on if it works :) 
    Peace out, happy running and if you don't, get out there for a walk. Even for 5 minutes.

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