Wednesday, August 29, 2012

epiphany and Letters to my tribe

I struggle with a few things. Okay many things but one thing I can confess is peoples approval. I want everyone to like me and if I think you don't it bothers me to no end. But this is an impossible   I had an epiphany if you will.
    There should only be two rleationships I seek approval for or that I need to "do well by". God my Father and my family. The ones that I feed every day.
    Do I do well by them, do THEY like me? Then I thought about this blog. I began this Blog 5 years ago.  I am going to do something new. ... I am going to begin writing to my kids.  It may bore you and you do not even have to read on,
                                     So you will see a different format from time to time.

My tribe: Today we went Blueberry picking. I unplugged the TV and some of you were not happy because we were not meeting friends or taking friends with us. And some of you had very bad attitudes because I was ''forcing" you to spend time not at home. The place where you love to be, because there are instant buddies right outside your doorstep. Alas we made it to the farm unscathed.

 Gathered our favorite buckets and began to hunt. Big -A your idea was that we break into teams and  hide and be as quiet as we can and pick as fast as we can. Best genius plan all summer.

  You and I teamed together. J-Man and EQ were another. Little Roo and GG were another. (except for some reason I did not take one photo of them...bad mom...bad)   We picked out hearts content and all I could think of was I didn't want summer to end.  J-man , I looked over at you and kept thinking how sweet it was that you were here, having fun, picking berries with your family, wondering what kind of recipes  we could make with it when we go home. 

. Then you all found each other and began teasing and being loud and well obnoxious and well that feeling ended.                      Exhibit A: Obnoxious stuff going on below

I was glad for fall being around the corner and yet grateful for a time where we could enjoy the bounty of the  land. .

      The condition of our feet always depends on the length we stay and well we were there pretty long.
     A-man I do not even know if you feet can turn back to original skin color any longer. This is what your feet look like all summer long.
It was worth it 7lbs of berries.  2 hours of hard work....even though a few of you ate more than you picked.

    G.G You are always a help to me in the kitchen and so it was no surprise that you wanted to help rinse them. 
                                                                                                         You sure are a treasure.

Little Roo I attended a Kindergarten curriculum night this evening. Saw where you would sit, listened to the school rules and it hit me. You are a big girl.  I am not sure if I am ready for that yet. You are my sweetest little love.  I am so glad its half day kindergarten because I get you for a whole morning this year....just you.

               We laughed today, we cried, and we also had some frustrating words.  Put tonight everyone is tucked in as I write this and this is a miracle for the day. To have everyone under one roof and healthy.
     Love you my babies more than you could ever feel or imagine.

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