Sunday, July 29, 2012

Week Round-Up

Love these girls.  Alea and Mia. Mia is a sweet pea from Taiwan and Alea is from Kazakhstan. You may see them on here a bit. We love spending time with their family!

  Went to an Orthopedic Surgeon who said This: Basically I have arthritis on my knees. BUT he didn't stay stop running he said. Physical Therapy.
  So I went and thats when I got taped. Oh this tape is amazing.  Basically it relives the pressure from a body part using another body part to become the stable one. I don;t know Dr. Kenzo, but I want to kiss him. Pain free for a few days. New knees.
  My girls and I had the chance to spend a few hours together and I love being with just them. *thanks Auntie Amy for keeping the boys*    Took them to get a Cinnamon Roll at Great Harvest. Delish.   Followed by nails where we meet up with our sweet friends the Jensens.  Such a sweet time.

  Isn't God so good to us. Two girls. Two girls that will have an    amazing story to share one day.  I get to be apart of that...ekks. So exciting!


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