Monday, July 30, 2012

The 2012 London Olympics.

 Do you know something about me. I LOVE THE OLYMPICS.    Truly Love LOVE!
            And I am so lucky because I have a few  tribes to cheer for!
                                 I also have some dreamers. 
  And this is my face for opening Ceremony of my kids snapped a shot. :) Something about having that many people from different tribes and nations together. For one goal...pun intended ;)

                                                             Here we root for Ethiopia!
                                  We Root for Ghana!

                                            and Puerto Rico

                          AND THE USA!!
  I also have rules. Dorky but rules nether the less.
   1. You always stand and hold someones hand with the National   
   2.  We don't BOO
   3.  You never make fun of your mom when she cry's at the sappy commercials and the Biography of the Olympians when they speak about their stories. Because I do. 
                  What what Don't forget the USVI!! classy photo...

My Olympic buddy. We watch till 12:am and then off to sleep. I am an awesome mom. 

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