Thursday, July 19, 2012

Beach Retreat gone bad...then good.

Our Friday started out like this. Kids packed in and ready to go to the Ocean. Chiefs family have a timeshare every weeks they get to go to Ocean Shores and stay in a small but very comfortable cabin. Have been doing it since he was 18 months old. There was a unit available for us so we took the opportunity and went for it. 

                      First time to the Pacific for two of these. 
                            First Kite Flying too. Fun times. 

               Swimming in the pool like fish.  Cute fish!

Then this happened and sent our relaxing time for a loop. Our fun was cut in more than half. It was greatly disappointing.

   Spent the next two days phoning mechanics and looking for parts. Had a friend we have not seen in years come all the way to the beach to see if he could fix it. It was worse that we imagined. Made it even more of a bummer being that we JUST dropped almost 1000 into it two months ago. This and cheif being gone just bummed me out.
 I am on vacation and I was feeling Self-pity.  Yes. This was my devotional for the day. Got it.  Close eyes, focus recover. 
   Otherwise I would miss out on these moments...
and these.
                                   and these..
                        and these..
Perspective changes when you are surrounded by family that love you.

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