Friday, July 13, 2012

One week down

One week. We did it, one week down. Few things I have realized this week. 
    1. I am stronger than I think I am.  
    2. My big kids are really helpful
3. I watch sappy movies while Chief is gone, I sometimes make my kids watch with me. Tears  courtesy of *Soul Surfer*

                                 4. I really love my kids
  Its not that number 4 was never a fact to me. This week they have been my 100% attention and I have  not had to share it with Chief. If your married I know you get me. balance is on their favor for this short season (please!) 
5. My son does so much better when I give him time. duh. Every night we unwind watch a movie or just relax and listen to music. He helps me tuck in the little and do chores!! This is "our time". Guess what he has been wonderful. I love this kid he is so smart and resourceful and really goes have a gentle heart. 
  tonight's conversation:
 J-man "Mom when dad comes back I will be happy and sad. Happy to see him, sad that he will take my place. I really like this time!" 
                                Me too son, me too. 

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