Thursday, July 12, 2012


There is a ton of traffic in and out of my room at night since dad left. This morning this was my bed. I had been booted out. How is it that they can make so much noise in the day, but at night they are stealth as Ninjas. 

            Found out why dude (this needs to be his nick name!) always has rocks in his shoes. I suppose we need some new ones.
  Spent 5 minutes on face time with Chief explaining how to thread a  needle to sew his ugly holey shirt that he is not willing to depart from. Made me laugh so hard. My side hurts. Ugh, I miss him..did I mention he has my whole heart?

Kids say the darnest thing: On the way home I could hear Ruby chanting. "WoahhaaWoahhh who wants to get hammered!" She sits behind me and I can't always see her in the rear view mirror. I am just wondering when did she hear Chief say this. ..cause I don't speak potty talk.  When I stopped the van I saw this in her hand. 
 Oh good, glad I didn't give the lecture on what being hammered is. 

   Seeing these girls tonight BIG HIGHLIGHT. I love them. We had been meeting once a month for a while now, have gone through babies, moves, adoptions and I just adore them.

    Hope ya'll had some good highlights to your day. 

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