Friday, July 6, 2012

Cousins are Best friends

 If you know me well you know family is very important to me. Not just my immediate family, my extended family is an extension of us. I grew up very very close to my cousins. We were just extra siblings to my aunts kids. My greatest memories are with my cousins. Today I still love them just as much.  I have the same desire for my kids. 
  When we came back we were hoping to have this closeness with our nephews.  I love them to pieces. Our kids love being with them and would probably spend every day with them if we could. 

   Yep total Goofballs. Take after there dad or something.

 See the teen boy pictured on the right. He was itty bitty one time and now he is holding hands in front of us with a girl with cooties. Oh and the teen girl on the right with the cute pink dress, she was itty bitty too, until she grew. Both my niece and nephew.
    There is also some tender Auntie moments that we can not forget. So good to make our memories with them.

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