Sunday, July 22, 2012

Capital City Lakefair and StepMother

Just some fun shots of the Capital LakeFair. I spent $15 on lunch (that's all I said I would spend at LakeFair!)took the kids to Kitzels a Jewish deli to have a Knish. Have you ever been? Have you even had Jewish food? Yum.  Expand your taste buds and try. I try to have my kids introduced to as many international foods as possible.  Its good for them to be Cultured...and I really like it too. Some of them just humor me. Go get a Knish!

 PS. Ruby has been found a week spot for me. When she doesn't get what she wants she calls me the "Step Mother" like the evil step mother on Cinderella. Because I refused to spend crazy amounts of money on rides for 5 kids. I may have been called that twice. I will survive. 

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