Sunday, July 8, 2012

1st Weekend Solo

Our first day solo, my sister in love meet me at the park with her boys with the nummiest cupcakes. From the best cupcake shop on this side west (maybe even East too.) If you have not been why not? GO!

Followed by a short hike to venture the land of the Puget Sound. Breathtaking as always.  Back home to the sound of clickity clack or our 3 legged hound looking for Chief all over the house. Poor thing, he feeds him and now, well the poor dog has to bark to remind me. 

 And the night and the morning was the first day. One down. 
Invited a  new friend with her brood for coffee and breakfast. I have been following her blog and her shared venture of her new non-profit organization called The Adventure Project.  She moved to Olympia the SAME month I moved to Atlanta. Classic timing. I think we bonded well. Then I washed our cups of coffee and found this coffee goop. Chief always makes coffee, says I mess it up. Exhibit A that he is correct. She may come back.

 An afternoon filled with some shenanigans from kids and an impromptu dinner invitation to a friends. 

My friend Sara has mad talent skills. She is a pintrest queen and has a keen creative eye.  Yummy dinner at her home. She made this table. No seriously. MADE it with her bare two hands!
                  Our boys get along so well. And girls too. 

                   A day and a morning was the second day. two days down.
Some chores on the 3rd day. 

Followed by park time 

Followed by some 
reading on a big blanket under a tree time.

Then the sleep over of a friend. Take a look at this photo. I heard the cell phones going off simultaneously followed by giggle followed by click clack on the keys. They were texting each other while on the same couch!  Goodness. Me. 

So far no kids lost. No Big ER visit, nor small. Just sad hearts missing dad at home. 

Till ?


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ObaetsWorld said...

Miss you guys. I know its hard but it also looks like your making the best of it. Hope to be home soon.

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!