Monday, July 30, 2012

The 2012 London Olympics.

 Do you know something about me. I LOVE THE OLYMPICS.    Truly Love LOVE!
            And I am so lucky because I have a few  tribes to cheer for!
                                 I also have some dreamers. 
  And this is my face for opening Ceremony of my kids snapped a shot. :) Something about having that many people from different tribes and nations together. For one goal...pun intended ;)

                                                             Here we root for Ethiopia!
                                  We Root for Ghana!

                                            and Puerto Rico

                          AND THE USA!!
  I also have rules. Dorky but rules nether the less.
   1. You always stand and hold someones hand with the National   
   2.  We don't BOO
   3.  You never make fun of your mom when she cry's at the sappy commercials and the Biography of the Olympians when they speak about their stories. Because I do. 
                  What what Don't forget the USVI!! classy photo...

My Olympic buddy. We watch till 12:am and then off to sleep. I am an awesome mom. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Week Round-Up

Love these girls.  Alea and Mia. Mia is a sweet pea from Taiwan and Alea is from Kazakhstan. You may see them on here a bit. We love spending time with their family!

  Went to an Orthopedic Surgeon who said This: Basically I have arthritis on my knees. BUT he didn't stay stop running he said. Physical Therapy.
  So I went and thats when I got taped. Oh this tape is amazing.  Basically it relives the pressure from a body part using another body part to become the stable one. I don;t know Dr. Kenzo, but I want to kiss him. Pain free for a few days. New knees.
  My girls and I had the chance to spend a few hours together and I love being with just them. *thanks Auntie Amy for keeping the boys*    Took them to get a Cinnamon Roll at Great Harvest. Delish.   Followed by nails where we meet up with our sweet friends the Jensens.  Such a sweet time.

  Isn't God so good to us. Two girls. Two girls that will have an    amazing story to share one day.  I get to be apart of that...ekks. So exciting!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1 day short of 3 weeks

Its going on three weeks. Three. Three. Three.
     I miss this guy, fiercely. I want him home yesterday.

I have been BUSY at work in the yard. So when he comes home, he doesn't have that much to do. My hope. 
I have been putting kids to work. BIG time.

      And trying to run. The orthopedic surgeon will not be happy at my appointment tomorrow.  
 And these two end up in my bed every.single.night. No fail.
    I say "stay in your own bed tonight!" "K mom, we will" 

       In one day and a few hours it will be 3 weeks. sigh.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Capital City Lakefair and StepMother

Just some fun shots of the Capital LakeFair. I spent $15 on lunch (that's all I said I would spend at LakeFair!)took the kids to Kitzels a Jewish deli to have a Knish. Have you ever been? Have you even had Jewish food? Yum.  Expand your taste buds and try. I try to have my kids introduced to as many international foods as possible.  Its good for them to be Cultured...and I really like it too. Some of them just humor me. Go get a Knish!

 PS. Ruby has been found a week spot for me. When she doesn't get what she wants she calls me the "Step Mother" like the evil step mother on Cinderella. Because I refused to spend crazy amounts of money on rides for 5 kids. I may have been called that twice. I will survive. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Breathtaking Beach

Some Cousin time

This is one of my nephews sweetest sugar you would ever meet. 
And this one, this one is a pure stinker. But cute sticks to him like       glue. 
 This one he belongs to the A-team too. He is the a first born, he is the keeper of rules, and a task master,  I love him dearly too. 
          Our tribe love them fiercely.  I am a bit in love with them too. Especially when they ask weirdo things like asking for a photo near a dead seal. Then too. 

 Love that we get moments like these. Love.

Beach Retreat gone bad...then good.

Our Friday started out like this. Kids packed in and ready to go to the Ocean. Chiefs family have a timeshare every weeks they get to go to Ocean Shores and stay in a small but very comfortable cabin. Have been doing it since he was 18 months old. There was a unit available for us so we took the opportunity and went for it. 

                      First time to the Pacific for two of these. 
                            First Kite Flying too. Fun times. 

               Swimming in the pool like fish.  Cute fish!

Then this happened and sent our relaxing time for a loop. Our fun was cut in more than half. It was greatly disappointing.

   Spent the next two days phoning mechanics and looking for parts. Had a friend we have not seen in years come all the way to the beach to see if he could fix it. It was worse that we imagined. Made it even more of a bummer being that we JUST dropped almost 1000 into it two months ago. This and cheif being gone just bummed me out.
 I am on vacation and I was feeling Self-pity.  Yes. This was my devotional for the day. Got it.  Close eyes, focus recover. 
   Otherwise I would miss out on these moments...
and these.
                                   and these..
                        and these..
Perspective changes when you are surrounded by family that love you.
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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!