Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Why hello there!

I break this social fast to bring you some updates on the Tribe. I have taken a sabbatical from blogging. Many reasons, the first would be time. It takes time to sit and blog. Time was something that this season left me very short of.  In January I started my first semester of College. I also accepted a part time job working 20 hours a week during the kids school days. I worked came home, helped kids with homework, prepared dinner *MAYBE* then dashed to school two nights a week and a full day on Friday.  So, I was NOT home, leaving behind a big mess that my Mr.Chief putt his super dad hat and took on more responsibility that he ever had to. It was a much different life than this mama is accustomed to. For almost 10 years give or take a few mini side jobs I was a stay at home mom, was full time devoted to my families needs and wants and schedules and helped at kids schools and made cute teacher gifts, and had dinners planned and things were just harmonious when I was at home. sorta. 

Cut to this year where going to school became a reality but so did needing to work. This week was my last week of school and I am a walking zombie. My body hurts, my head hurts. my lesson learned. I learned that I can not give 100% to all responsibilities I was participating in. I would give more to one and the other would suffer.  The last thing I want is to gamble on my family.  This is the most important thing in my life. I learned that I may not repeat this again. I CAN.NOT.DO.IT.
  SO next year will look different.

      I will come back soon. maybe.

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!