Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Different Christmas INDEED

J-Man trying on his new Roller Blades he picked out at Target spree shop
Little E bought me these beautiful earrings, love his heart!

I posted earlier about how different this Christmas will be for our family. How its been a rough reality, but we are just going to suck it up and do it. We decided early on that we can not give to each other or anyone else really, not even to teachers, or staff, or even to our favorite charities. We just can't. Then some school letters came home, you know the ones that ask you to give if you can to the stars on the tree, or the angels for families in need. I wanted to, oh I so wanted to! Then I got a special letter a personalized letter asking our family if we need any assistance this year. gulp. US? We were the ones that signed up to get gifts usually, or to donate etc. We were part of groups and churches that adopted families that needed help. It was something we have enjoyed for years, and now we were being asked if we needed the help!? This year the letter was coming home for OUR family. It was humbling, and to be very honest I was so sad that the tables were turn and we were that family in the situation. I filled out the sheets they asked for the kids the wish list. Turned it in, still having a hard time with my pride.
Then another letter came in from our school, our kids were selected to go on a "Shop with A Buccaneer"No kidding get this. The sister High school near our kids school set up an entire day where they match a few teens with each student as a chaperons, feed the kids breakfast at the school then with thier schaperones they all go on the bus for a ride to Target where each kid is set up with a $100 Target giftcard for them to spend tax free. Drive them back to school and feed the kids lunch. We were thinking it would be a blast for them. So, we decided not to let our prides keep them from a fun time.
THEN, I wake up one morning to the BEST surprise I had a friend give us a $250 Amazing gift Card. Oh sweet Lord, We were blessed!!
THEN, J-man filled out a card for free bikes from a local church providing bikes for the kids in our community. ALL OUR kids except Roo got one, a friend called me the other day and told me she has a tiny bike that her little one can not ride do I want it? YES!
If it was not for the above we would not have Christmas. I know, do I sound like I am playing the worlds smallest violin.
NOW this one will blow you away. Here it goes.
I was spent on cash. Cookies, here for class parties, little cash here for more class parites etc. etc. and more etc. I was out of cash till pay day. Come on, I know some of you can relate. Little E needed a strand of 20 lights for a class project. Went to Walmart, went to Target, went to the dollar store, and by the time I found out where to get the lights. Cash out. So needless to say I knew little E would go to school without his 20 strand of lights. I began to pray, let me back up. Little E has big faith, BIG faith in me, to supply his needs. THIS was so hard to work on, I was so sad I would let him down, he had been waiting for the lights. So, this is why I began to pray. Lord, just $10 bucks till Friday, PLEASE! The day passed, well I was waiting for a refund check, or you know some kind of rebate in the mail...nothing. Little E was just going to have to be disappointed.
We went to dinner at my folks, My mom is so awesome she has us come over for dinner once a week. Gives me a night off. We come home and see a tree on our door step. We were not expecting a tree. We brought the tree inside and saw it was loaded with gift cards. OUR kids were ecstatic! $250 in Gift Certificates for Groceries and Walmart.
Here is the best part. On the tree and I told no one about the lights there were two strands of 20 lights. ON THE TREE!
SO, We get to shop for fun things for the kids AND get our Christmas dinner supplies AND little E will get his strand of lights.
Did I mention my parents GAVE me their van?! Yes. They upgraded and decided to give us the title of their minivan. We are now the proud owners of two cash cars!

I checked with Chief about writing this post, he is the provider and I never want him to feel like he doesn't provide for us or can not. We are in a sticky situation and really praying and seeking a way out. For now, this is the situation we are in, we are trying to make the best of it, while staying out of dept and working on being content with where God has us at the moment (forced smile.) He knows I believe in him as the provider and that I cherish his hard work. He also knows that the Lord provides through his people. He uses and has used us plenty of times as a vehicle in those provisions and sometimes we become the recipient of that provision. Friends, this is just the beauty of the body! Merry Christmas. I know we are having one! Praying that next year things may look diffrent and we can be the ones blessing you!


Melissa said...

So beautiful. I am thankful you shared. God not only cares about the big things,but also the little 20 strand lights. Glory to God that He saw fit to use people to bless your family. Enjoy this precious time of depending on Him in a whole new way.

Heckert's Highway said...

This is just what I needed to hear!!! I love you Nat, and I am rejoicing with you in God's provision!!! What a loving and wonderful God we serve!! I love and miss you so very much!!

Jodi said...

Oh Nat - I don't know if you remember me from Created for Care, but your post brings tears to my eyes. How hard it must be for you! When Dannika was diagnosed with CF I felt that same pride thing disappear. I never wanted to be the family that was in everyone's prayers. The family that was looked at and whispered about. I now am! AND - thank God I am, because all those people praying for my sweet daughter are a blessing. BUT - it is so scarey! Hard to have faith - hard to believe it will all work out - hard to be content when it just sucks! Thanks for sharing and God will bless you. He has something amazing up his sleeve for sure!

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