Monday, October 31, 2011

One year and Counting?

We are coming up on our one year anniversary in Georgia. Its been the hardest year of our lives, wish that was an exaggeration. We brought two new kids home and moved across county. I have had a harder time with the latter. So have our big boys. The new kids are fine with where we are at. I think they find this more home than Washington.
In this one year being away from home. We have learned:

1. God is always with us, even when we don't feel Him. Even when nothing goes well and every door is shut.

2. Your past childhood has a huge indicator of how you relate to the stress in your life. How your parents dealt with stress is more than usually how you will deal with it. HOW YOU DEAL WITH STRESS may be HOW YOUR KIDS DEAL WITH IT TOO.

3. Normal is not NORMAL.

4. Our parents do love us more than we realize.

5. Let Go. Being far from home gave me a clear perspective of the things I was holding on to, bitterness from past hurts, rejections, is really not the freedom God wants for me. It was easier to let go being far away.

6. Never purchase a home you can not afford, to buy into a bid from the lender to say they will work it out a deal with you and a year and a half later find out you owe 25,000+ more than you started with. And bullied by them to get out of your home. never again.

7. Home is not where you hang your hat! My hats are hung in Georgia and my heart is in Olympia.

8. Your finances define you more than you want them to, sadly.

9. Most people mean well, look at the heart behind it and never assume. Assume makes an ASS out of u and me.

10. My life is DEFINITELY not my own. Sometimes. Most times, I go kicking and screaming about what I want it to look like. We are far from that mark, that's not what it was to look like for my KING.

Amazing how God takes us somewhere else to teach us something about ourselves we were not seeing at face value. That sometimes means geographical that sometimes can mean in a journey being right where we are at. He will and can go to extremes to change us from the inside out. My heart hurts literally hurts because I can be so stubborn that He HAS to go to extremes to press me, refine me, JOB me, until every single breath every pore in my body every cell in my being, recognizes over and over its not about my own Glory just HIS.
How about you?
Are you in a classroom of faith right now being pressed until you sweat out all of your impurities of the stench of YOU? Welcome we are classmates, can I borrow a pen ;)

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