Tuesday, August 16, 2011

UNKNOWN with the I*romeo*S

Oh Nelly. Let me tell you its been a week. If you are an adoptive parent that is battling with the I*romeo*S (coded so they don't come after me!) and are awaiting on the lllllllloooooooooonnnnnngggggg Refund dear one I feel your pain. I filed our taxes in Feburary followed by what would be a plethora of correspondence back and forth ,back and forth sometimes more us than them. MOST times more us than them. Every letter that came in the mail changed the last status. Need more documents, send more proof, we lost the documents you sent twice already would you resend them., send a locket of their hair and DNA too! Oh yeah right on it. For SIX MONTHS. My favorite part is this one. SO, I made a mistake on one of our new kids Social I added a 5 instead of an 8 and do you know what happens when you do this? When you mess with the socials...YOU get penalized. Yes sir a whopping $1678 penalty because they have to go in and change the dang number. So I don't bore you I will skip to the #2345 letter and phone call. Were we got an advocate to join our side and help us. She notified us a few weeks ago that the I ROMEO S will grant us our refund and waive the penalty. We were so happy because thats what our move money will come from. moving across the county is no small fee. We needed to have the money at least on its way before we took of.

Alas the phone call that really rattled me. The phone call came and this one will shock you...maybe...it did take me for a spin! The grand I*Romeo* S made a mistake. The 6th yes, its been examined SIX times said they are not going to give us what we asked, they are also not going to remove the penalty. And this week, the week that we are to get our truck in on Friday I fly next week Wen. BUT this all can change with one phone call that says. We will get nill, zero, nada. WHICH changes the game plan in a BIG way.
We would be moving in with my parents...and staying in Georgia if thats the case. We will just make things work till we get a new place.
The crazy thing is, the thing that boggles my mind. Is I have an immense peace, I can not understand but to say that this is God just giving me a peace that He will place is where he wants us no matter what. I have come to realize this is for His Glory not mine. Ruth 1:16 "Where you GO I GO!" If its here in Northwest Georgia, or far North in Pacific Northwest Washington. My contentment is in HIM, not where he places me. WOW, if you know me, thats a HUGE undertaking. Is God not amazing!!
SO...tick tock awaiting for the call. ..they have up till tomorrow.


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...


And here I am freaking out because we may have to wait an extra day to move in....oh I am just not in the mood for any more..... :(

PRAYING for you!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS NOT OK!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am Praising God you have peace, but praying for favor for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robyn said...

Grrrr, Natalie.... I feel your pain. We also filed in February and yesterday (6 months and 1 day after mailing in our return) we finally got the last of our refund. There were NO errors on our return and still we waited over six months to get things settled. I say this to give you hope - one day you will be able to look back. Praying that day comes soon.

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!