Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Tween tails

Our oldest will be 11 in September. We have officially entered into a territory of no return. Mood swings, eye rolling, huff and puffing, withdrawn, and the occasional girl blush. YES. His body is changing...ekk! I am terrified. I do everything wrong at this stage too. I never understand his thoughts, oh and I am way out of the cool loop. I am no longer first. I am no longer the impeccable and perfect mother (I never was, but to this guy I was at one point!) I have flaws and I am reminded by them now several times a day. I know..it hurts.
I get this is a stage, I understand every child will enter a time in life where they question parents, where they question themselves. I think we never really grow from the questioning of ourselves.
The part I don't like is that my boy is questiong his faith. Excuse me while I wipe the tears so I can see the keyboard. .... okay. This is also something we all have to come to, how to see Jesus for our own lives. Not have the faith of our parents, but knowing Jesus from our own experience.
Its something I have prayed for "Jesus be real to Him, not through me, through YOU!'' but when it comes.. it will take you for a spin. Some days I have said the wrong things. Some days my jaw drops to the questions, only because I have raised this boy from baby to love Jesus. You can not teach someone to love someone you simply lead as an example and pray they are catching on pray they are watching.
Even still. The questions come. Even still, the child is building his own faith. We are both having growing pains!

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