Wednesday, August 10, 2011

PINTEREST: and Old space

Like I need a new hobby while packing...but I admit I am excited to get into my own walls so I can repaint the walls, and make it "home". I have changed my decor taste, seriously I think this happens to people every five years! My old house looks like this. There is a combo of Cottage beach and French. Don't ask it just happened. This is a 70s house we redid the floors and trimming still needs a ton of work!! But here it is.
The Kitchen CLEARLY needs updating, but until I can come up with 32,000 it will have to do! Do you see the classroom cabinets, come on...right?

This fireplace is begging for a re-do and a mantle. Should I paint that paneling white? would you?

I can do the chepo chango like painting and just change up a few things right?

Go ahead give me Ideas I need them!!!

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