Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You have heard it said: Never a dull moment

(I just did a quick search for crazy photos of our family. I would have 982 if I downloaded some more crazy ones!)

I have heard this so many times, in fact if I had a penny for every time I hear "Never a dull moment at the Teabos" I would be a gazillionare. True we live a life that frightens most folks out of their seats. True we make decisions based on where we feel the Lord is leading at the moment. True almost 98.99 % we look like total idiots to the outside world. True. Also true that we are now and maybe always be more fanatical and risk taking that the common folk. All that intro to tell you this...
WE MOVE BACK TO 5045 an awesome home on a cul-de-sac in Little South Olympia Washington. This all happening next month.
There are many details to iron out. Chiefs positions at work is not certain so I may be a single mama for a bit. Maybe longer than a bit.
We have plenty of questions we have been asked. I will answer a few of them, not because we feel like we have celebrity status or anything. ;0

WHY, Didn't you want to be closer to your family?
So, let me be the first to admit. I spent the first 12 years of our marriage wishing I was by my mom and dad and needing to be closer. DREADING rain, dreading the grey. When we saw that my dad was getting more and more ill, we did what we felt was needing to be done. We packed up family to be closer to him. My kids got to know my family, we had never had this opportunity before ever. Would not have happened otherwise. When we packed up from Olympia and headed South we really thought this would be a permanent move. We had prepared ourselves that this is something we needed to do, and we were going to be okay. A few months after our move (so normal with any move) our children began to miss home terribly. We found that in our own way we too were so sad. We kept trucking along. The sadness got stronger and never went away. Its okay, we move forward. It will one day become home to us...right? We began to pray and fast and seek. Still our hearts grew founder and grew more for home. I began to call Olympia home, I began to miss it terribly. Something that surprised me. Still to this day. Its a great place its beautiful, but it lacked my family and for me that was IS huge. Then the guilt. My parents moved from their home in Florida so we can finally in my deepest desire of my heart be together. It quilted me into needing things to just work out here. I could not do this to them. The sadness continued. My parents noticed. The gave me permission ..I know I am an adult, I don't need permission. I guess the blessing to do what I felt I needed to do for my own tribe. The feeling of longing growing stronger and stronger within me. Chief is a trooper , he is A Pacific Northwestern Breed and I love him to stinking pieces for taking on the heat, and the horrid humidity to try this out. He is the best kind of best. Also it really mended us close as a family. I am much more a Northwestern Greener than a Southern belle. I know so many are you are shocked to hear this, because I always complained of the weather and the northwest dreayness. So this really long explanation to say. We miss home. We don't feel the South is our home. We are moving forward.

Did you not like Georgia?
Oh goodness no. There were so many friends we made here, and so many things we do like. School being one, church at Four Points was amazing. Not to mention the best restaurants ever. HELLO family is here as well. Best cousins you could ask for. Endless blessings.
We do not like the humidity one single bit, We do not like that most summer days were spent indoors because we could not leave the house for fear of heat stroke. Snakes, not my fave, spiders not Franks fave and the ticks and fleas no thanks. Cicadas are from the devil. There are other detials I wont even bore you with.
Other than that its really pretty.

What about your family?
I know. This one aches a ton. We love them to heaven and back. It will be hard departing. They are so supportive of what is best for us. My parents are now retired and I am hoping this means more time on vacation when they visit us. Not the same, I know. I don't want to start on this one.

Do you even have friends still in Washington?
Ha, okay no one asked that but its the thought I get in my mind . What if everyone has moved on, and no one will be my friend now. :-) I know this to not be true. SO, I ask you this old pals. When we come home towards the end of the month (AUGUST!) hug my neck, I really want to be a better friend to all of you. Your awesome and I can not even wait to see Y'all again!

Prayer Request:
1. All the details I want Chief to get jobs settled, otherwise I will be solo, and I really do not like being away from him for longer than 10 hours!
2. Transition for the new kids. We have come a LOOONG way and I know we will face some behaviors for control battle again. sigh.
3. All the other details involved in a big move.
Thanks everyone.


Danielle said...

Nat, honestly, I am thrilled to pieces that you are returning home. I felt like I barely knew you, but that I wanted to get to know you (and our husbands were also good friends!) and then you moved away! :( So I am glad you will be coming back so that I can get to know you better and your family. Shane also said to me last night, "I'm glad they're coming back...I like Frank!". So, consider this your "hug" from a NW girl! Safe travels and welcome back!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Natalie, PRAYING PRAYING PRAYING!!!!!!!!!!! This is sooo huge and I know there are reasons....I know you have both been praying and we have been praying for you!!! So we will continue!!!!!!!!!! You have to do what you have to do for your family!!!!! So we are praying for everything about your hubby's job- sooo important- I don't do well solo either- big surprise :) PRAYING!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya!!! Although Georgia was going to be a lot closer to visit- I will get over it :)

Loralie said...

I have loved getting to know you just the small amount of time I did, but am so very happy you get to go home. I will be following your family in your blog and will keep you in my prayers!

Love to you - Loralie

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