Monday, April 4, 2011

Mr. Huxtable turn Steve Irwin

I don't know if you have husbands that are handy men/cowboy type. The man that hears you say you want a new kitchen and presto he is busting out walls the next day, or they kinda guy that fixes anything that goes wrong in your home from plumbing to holes in wall, to fixing the loose cupboard. etc., to building a bunk bed our of scratch wood for the kids and perhaps can even make a bed post out of the tree you had to clear from your back yard.

Okay now let me tell you a little about my guy the Chief. Have you ever seen the Cosby show? Mr. Huxtable ,the dad, finds a leak in the kitchen sink and before you know it his handy man tools have come out in attempt to fix the leak. However he usually makes a bigger mess in the process. Meanwhile, Mrs. Huxtable is trying to call the repairman to fix it and Mr. Huxtable is determined that he will be the handyman (cowboy), regardless of the failed attempts of projects past. Its comical that the children know the situation and even hide the issues before Mr. Huxtable can get a wild hair to ''fix'' the situation. All in all Claire (Mrs. Huxatable wins) and a handyman is called.
Mr. Huxtable =Chief Claire=Natalie
Get my drift.
All-meaning well-loving, and all-intentional becomes yet another project and its okay. I am used to this kind of comic in my home. My cowboy/chief is a hero to us in other matters and this is most important to us.
So imagine my surprise, and my complete *AWE* when My cowboy wrestled a snake for us yesterday. I was chatting on the phone with my mom when I say the craziest thing, a snake basking in the sun on top of a shrub that I pass multiple times a day. *EWWWWWW*

Chief sees a passing neighbor and asks him to come take a look and make sure its not poisonous. Its not, luckily. So chief says ''Lets just leave the thing, its not making anyone upset!'' Ahem excuse my French here ''WHAT THE HELL *%*#*#; WHAT THE FREAK, HE HAS TO GO, I CAN NOT WALK ANOTHER STEP TILL I KNOW THAT DEVIL IS GONE!'' I know, I know, snakes are not devils to most people but for me reptiles with no legs are straight from the pit, if you disagree go find another blog to read you and I will not be friends. Its just that bad.The passing neighbor tells chief ''I don't care if its not poisonous if a snake was in my yard I would get it out!'' Chief looks at me and without thinking goes for a stick to tries to get this snake/devil out of our yard.

Our kids are all in awe as we watch him try to maneuver this stick to get the slippery snake to curl onto the stick. The snake whom I have nicked named Nambini (after Voldemorts snake on Harry Potter!) Nambini was not having it, he kept coiling (I do not like that word!) up in the tree and Chief tried and tried to get him using the stick. His ugly tail was sticking out of the shrub and chief grasped the tail, and started to yank on his tail. OH MY WORD, I was just on the front porch is disbelief as I see him pull with two hands at the snakes body and watch him wrestle with the snake to get him out. Finally he got him HE WAS A BIG SUCKER! He dropped him on the ground and chased him back to the creek.

I know right can you believe this??!
If you are like me with your love of snakes then you have a grimace on your face!
By this time my focus was not on my camera so as you see I did not take any more photos nor did I zoom in appropriately. I was on the thought that this snake will run for me our my kids to bite us because it was mad! It did not. All I can of this event is that I AM SO PROUD of My Chief!
But there you have it people my hero the Mr. Huxtable turn Steve Irwin and I LOVE HIM! Now would your cowboy/handy man wrestle a snake for you?! I hope so!


Cindy said...

This post made me smile : )

Ellen Enright said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!! Loved this post. How brave of him. I have the exact same feelings on snakes as you do by the way.

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

No. I don't think my man would manhandle a snake.

In the past 28 years, he has gotten much better at the Mr. Fix-It stuff... but we had our years where I begged him to please call a repairman before he did more damage to whatever he was fixing.

:) :) :)

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