Saturday, June 11, 2011

I officially miss home.

Okay stop. I know what you are going to say, its my blog right let me just say it. Moving on is hard. Let me tell you the easy parts of being somewhere completely new.
1. No one knows you from Adam. So you don't have any one with preconceived thought of you that don't know you for who you are, and only from someones opinion. Or visa versa. So you never hear oh Natalie Teabo oh, I hear she is a blah blah blah or that she did fill in the blanks. I'm sure I may be guilty of some of those, but really I HATE girl drama. I may have a few years ago enjoyed being apart of gossip circles or even basked in the acceptance of some, or I am sure added to the girl drama. Not today I am over it, its overrated and we as Godly women should not fall prey to them, or if we do, learn from it, forgive, move on. So by being somewhere new you can present yourself with a new self and someday s that just feels awesome!

2. Its exciting. New adventures can be so exciting. Finding new places to shop, worship, meeting new people. It can all be a great way to share Jesus more. Love those!

3. The South is a bible belt. Values here are HUGE. I love this. Our school has so many christian families it really should be a Christian school, but you know its not. Its so refreshing to see that values are not dead in America. In Olympia its still there, but really face it we Christians are the minority. So sitting with my kids at the tables at lunch and hearing the kids compare bible stories at a public school, blows my mind.

4. MY FAMILY. Bar none this the my favorite part. We are at my parents home every single day or they are here. We share meals about three times a week. My dad can not go a day without seeing the kids. He checks my tires, tweak things that need tweaking. They take one kid almost every day. Free babysitting every Sunday night. NOT EVEN KIDDING. It freaks Frank some days he says "we should not bombard all your parents time, or lets now let them watch the kids for a while, it may be tiring them!" HA. Try not to let them, they will be over in a less than a day wondering what the heck happened.

Its just so nice.
Here are the things I miss back home

1.My friends. Oh my sweet precious friends, that I ache for in the deepest of my heart. I am meeting some new buds here and I truly love them. BUT, do you know those friends that make imprints in your heart forever, those treasures, you know who you are. The ones that can call you and just by the tone in your voice can know what is happening in your life. The ones that have gone through major heart ache with us loosing our son Hudson, those that stuck to us through healing, through just being there. Those. Miss them, like crazy.

2. Other side of family. My nephews, oh my heart. The cousins love missing that. Miss the kids just playing, exploring and growing together. Other sisters, brothers, mother, and father.

3. The mountains, the apples, the water, the small town (Olympia is a small town!!) the closeness of everything. My favorite stores being so close, if they opened up Whole Foods Market I would be back in a jiffy ;)!! The river, the rain. WHAT?! I said the rain. I am a freak, I know. The Neighbors cause we had the best ones. The dentist, the eye doctor, and the hair cut lady. My favorite barista at Starbucks. The clerk that new my kids names at Safeway, she probably thinks something tragic happened, because I never had the heart to tell her we were moving. The walks by the Capital lake, the cider at the Cider Mill, the Turkey Jerky from the farmers market. Waving at friends cars when we passed each other in traffic. The lack of bugs, snakes and heat.

4. The comfort of my own house. I miss my house. Mine.

Someone told me before I moved (a military wife, who moved 12896 times) that everything about a place you never saw you will miss when you leave.

There take some pity with me, drink it. There be done. the end. Life goes on.

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