Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hole in my heart filled

For the last 14 years of my life my parents and I have lived on opposite sides of the United States, I was just a young bride learning about myself and my love and at first was excited at being away from everything familiar. We grew our household and grew and grew and grew. For a long time I had a hole in my heart that just had a missing sense of peace and companionship. It was a sense of loss and sadness at times for me.
I found it, its my mom and dad.
We made a deal to move near each other stripping away life for both of us of everything familiar. We had never lived in Georgia, and here we both are 14 years later.
Here are the awesomiest (that's not a word, but I feel it should be!) things thus far:
1. My parents have had two kids spend the night every Friday since they have been here.
2. They have been here close to three weeks, and I have seen them every single day.
3. My dad calls to invite me for pancakes and then wants to take me out to lunch.
4. He stops by the house some nights to play poker with my boys.
5. They buy my kids junk food all the time. (and get in trouble for it ;0)
6. My dad buys me Starbucks as a treat!
7. He comes with a drill sometimes to fix my to "help"do hubby list (that chief ah.. just doesn't seem to get around to it ;)
8. My mom cooks really really good!
9.My mom will do my dishes sometimes.
10. They love me for me!
11. I see photos of me around their home of when I was a child.
12. They share stories to my kids about our childhood.

I love(ed) Washington State, I miss it very much and some sweet friends and family also, but there is nothing that can fill the hole in my heart like my family. I wish that we could have both sets of grandparents because I know that my hole is being filled with the mama and papa, I am so sure Chiefs family is missing him and us very much and have a small hole in thier heart with our absence.
The honeymoon may be over and things may calm to normal whatever the new normal would mean here. I just love every moment of it! Some days I can't get this smile of my face!


The Tulloss Family said...

I LOVE this! So happy for you Natalie.

Tammy said...

So glad you are all reunited! How special is that? Thinking about you Nat!

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!