Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Funnies @The Tribe

Funnies that are Ha Ha funny and funnies that are the curl up in a ball and suck my thumb so I can escape funny, I must find humor in my days. Otherwise I would be a total grup arrrsss (said in a Austin Power voice!)
Welcome to my life. So the day was set to be a nice warm day, sunshine out my window, birds singing on my doorstep, you get the idea. Started to warm my tea kettle to nuzzle into my herbal tea Peach and Jasmine. One hour later after "chatting"on the phone with the IRS, I hear my three year old yell that something on fire. Yes mam, I burnt the tea kettle to a crisp. {positive my dad took it home to reuse it as a plant pot!}
My kids were complaining about the milk, they can not stand nonfat milk, so like I do say tough love that's what we got, add it to your cereal or add water. Tiff tiff. When I went to add a little milk to my tea I saw some curds and then I notice the date. Oh snap, they were complaining of the SPOLED MILK! {Postive: no one got sick, well not hospitalized at least}
As I was massaging my little Rs hair, I noticed something bumpy, then the bump moved. LICE?! No, my sister who is the expert at ticks and such infomed me it was a tick, and then spent the next hour removing them from my dogs hair after examing everyones scalp. {Postive: it was only one tick in little Rs hair, and we removed it. It didn't suck to much of her scalp...gross!}
Can you tell Willy the great is loving the attention!
I break for this. Nutella on a warm toast have you ever tasted such a thing. If not, why? Its goodness and richness is utter peace in a chaotic day. Try it try it and you may I say.
The list goes on: Found a half made quesedilla in the drawer. NO ONE made it.
Friends this one sent me over a little with laughter, and then a little embarrasment. SO, we found these cut up in my 5 and 7 year olds closet. Just laying there, waiting like a bait. They are cut from a Victoria Secret postcard I had in my UNDERWARE drawer its just one of those postcards they send out for your birthday. You know free undies and such, but then the free undies end up costing you 50 bucks becuase you see the bra for sale or more undies that match your free one. ANYWHO, here it was in my sons closet. NO ONE FESTED UP. My wise sister gave me an idea since there was a tattoo on the model, we needed to find the artist and if we found the artist we would find the guilty party. Everyone wrote the names on the families (not knowing why I was asking.) One kid didn't want to. BUT, we grabbed a homework sheet from that one kids backbacks and what do you think we found.
Yes, Guitly as charged. Lets just say, we had a modesty chat or lecture. BUT I am sure, the child will not go threw my drawer for a while.


Kim said...

I am CRACKING UP over that quesadilla in the drawer!! Just another day in the life, eh? :O)

Melissa said...

I needed a good laugh!!!

Becca said...

I have enjoyed your blog for awhile now- today's post made me laugh OUT LOUD- I needed that! thanks!
Rebecca, Denver CO

The Tulloss Family said...

I freakin' love you Natalie Teabo!

Lisa said...

i hate non-fat milk too.

buy them 1% - they'll drink more and get more calcium.


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