Monday, April 25, 2011

Confession: Laundry responsibilty

For your humor my friends, and so that you may see a tiny bit into my life enough to know I am not the perfect, tidy, well fit mother you all think I am ...what.. what... did you say over there?!

This is my seven year old Pjs/underoo drawer. In my attempt to teach my children responsibility ahem to make it easier on my three loads a day. I have taught them to put away their own pj's and underwear, socks, the easy stuff. I sometimes go behind them to make sure it all went into the right drawer to spare the morning fight of A trying to get his sweet cheeks into little Es undies and yes this has happened. TO my alarming surprise, Because my seven year old is neat as a Pin ( ;) this was in his drawer.
Lets talk about the contents shall we. You will see broken hangers, old projects and new homework assignments that were suppose to be in the folders on the way to school, candy wrappers, money to spend at the church store, a few dirty socks, a dirty underwear I am not even going to tell you about that. What you may not see, two tea bags, a dried apple, I believe it was a bite of an English muffin and saw dust, yes, saw dust.

This my friends is by far the most interesting a Ziploc baggie containing a Styrofoam cup and two, I repeat TWO dead caterpillars. The one that HE HAD to have and was going to watch hatch into butterflies.
So, I know you are SHOCKED, because I have let you down. Tomorrow, I will clean out the closet. This weekend my sweet and most delicate seven year old A-man came into my room in the morning and says "mom, okay, so I put chocolate milk in an Easter egg and I hid it real well, now everyone go, go, go!" Needless to say I have not found that egg NOR does the creepster know where its at.


The Hills said...

Okay, laughing out loud! HILARIOUS! And, I'm SO glad it's NOT JUST ME!!! In fact, I just might go upstairs and take a picture of MY 7-yr-old's undie drawer and post it just so you know you are NOT! ALONE! :)

Heckert's Highway said...

laughing my hiney off!!! go, go, go!!! I just cleaned out my boys drawers, and they were gross too!!

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