Saturday, April 16, 2011

Birthday Weekend- Happy 30th to me again (tehehe)

Started out on my Birthday with some home cooked grub from Thumbs up Diner in Atlanta, voted best top 12th Breakfast joints in America! It so was the best breakfast I have ever had! DELISH. A huge delicacy in the South is chicken and waffles, yes, you read that right. CHICKEN and WAFFLES. Trust me if you have never had them, your missing out. Try them, try them and you will!

So, something I wanted to do on my birthday was to go visit Martin Luther Kings neighborhood.
We had all five spend the night at grandmas and take off the next day to go explore so glad I did.
This is MLKs neighborhood, can you just imagine back in the day where they sat relaxing sipping on sweet tea (also very Southern, and I am now addicted!) I can't help but to close my eyes and envision Auburn street being very lively.
I imagine this street to have seen grief for the people that lived one these side of the track were not wanted to cross color lines.
This is the house that Mr. King was born. This was the house that Freedom rang loud and solid.

I sat on his porch and could not help but to close my eyes and listen to the cars drive up and down these streets, I imagine a scene like this one below. (I took this photo and just aged it :)

It may be a but morbid to many that I wanted to spend my birthday visiting historical artifacts or even visiting cemeteries the one pictured above is a VA National Cemetery in Marietta. We have so much of life to learn and sometimes it gives me great perspective to visit a cemetery and read the tombstones and think about what I want mine to read. Think about the impact I can make in my life, in my children, in my world, in the next year of my life that God has given me one more year to Celebrate! I know I am such a weirdo! That's what I did on my birthday. I smiled a ton and shed some tears of reflection on what the last year was like for me, and ate some good food with my man.

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