Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Funnies @The Tribe

Funnies that are Ha Ha funny and funnies that are the curl up in a ball and suck my thumb so I can escape funny, I must find humor in my days. Otherwise I would be a total grup arrrsss (said in a Austin Power voice!)
Welcome to my life. So the day was set to be a nice warm day, sunshine out my window, birds singing on my doorstep, you get the idea. Started to warm my tea kettle to nuzzle into my herbal tea Peach and Jasmine. One hour later after "chatting"on the phone with the IRS, I hear my three year old yell that something on fire. Yes mam, I burnt the tea kettle to a crisp. {positive my dad took it home to reuse it as a plant pot!}
My kids were complaining about the milk, they can not stand nonfat milk, so like I do say tough love that's what we got, add it to your cereal or add water. Tiff tiff. When I went to add a little milk to my tea I saw some curds and then I notice the date. Oh snap, they were complaining of the SPOLED MILK! {Postive: no one got sick, well not hospitalized at least}
As I was massaging my little Rs hair, I noticed something bumpy, then the bump moved. LICE?! No, my sister who is the expert at ticks and such infomed me it was a tick, and then spent the next hour removing them from my dogs hair after examing everyones scalp. {Postive: it was only one tick in little Rs hair, and we removed it. It didn't suck to much of her scalp...gross!}
Can you tell Willy the great is loving the attention!
I break for this. Nutella on a warm toast have you ever tasted such a thing. If not, why? Its goodness and richness is utter peace in a chaotic day. Try it try it and you may I say.
The list goes on: Found a half made quesedilla in the drawer. NO ONE made it.
Friends this one sent me over a little with laughter, and then a little embarrasment. SO, we found these cut up in my 5 and 7 year olds closet. Just laying there, waiting like a bait. They are cut from a Victoria Secret postcard I had in my UNDERWARE drawer its just one of those postcards they send out for your birthday. You know free undies and such, but then the free undies end up costing you 50 bucks becuase you see the bra for sale or more undies that match your free one. ANYWHO, here it was in my sons closet. NO ONE FESTED UP. My wise sister gave me an idea since there was a tattoo on the model, we needed to find the artist and if we found the artist we would find the guilty party. Everyone wrote the names on the families (not knowing why I was asking.) One kid didn't want to. BUT, we grabbed a homework sheet from that one kids backbacks and what do you think we found.
Yes, Guitly as charged. Lets just say, we had a modesty chat or lecture. BUT I am sure, the child will not go threw my drawer for a while.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Confession: Laundry responsibilty

For your humor my friends, and so that you may see a tiny bit into my life enough to know I am not the perfect, tidy, well fit mother you all think I am ...what.. what... did you say over there?!

This is my seven year old Pjs/underoo drawer. In my attempt to teach my children responsibility ahem to make it easier on my three loads a day. I have taught them to put away their own pj's and underwear, socks, the easy stuff. I sometimes go behind them to make sure it all went into the right drawer to spare the morning fight of A trying to get his sweet cheeks into little Es undies and yes this has happened. TO my alarming surprise, Because my seven year old is neat as a Pin ( ;) this was in his drawer.
Lets talk about the contents shall we. You will see broken hangers, old projects and new homework assignments that were suppose to be in the folders on the way to school, candy wrappers, money to spend at the church store, a few dirty socks, a dirty underwear I am not even going to tell you about that. What you may not see, two tea bags, a dried apple, I believe it was a bite of an English muffin and saw dust, yes, saw dust.

This my friends is by far the most interesting a Ziploc baggie containing a Styrofoam cup and two, I repeat TWO dead caterpillars. The one that HE HAD to have and was going to watch hatch into butterflies.
So, I know you are SHOCKED, because I have let you down. Tomorrow, I will clean out the closet. This weekend my sweet and most delicate seven year old A-man came into my room in the morning and says "mom, okay, so I put chocolate milk in an Easter egg and I hid it real well, now everyone go, go, go!" Needless to say I have not found that egg NOR does the creepster know where its at.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happiness is Having a sister

This is my sister Sharl, she is expecting her second child. Baby E and she is having her baby her while her hubby is deployed serving our country. My G girl loves her and she loves my G! I just adore her, and we drive each other crazy I am sure at times. Its so wonderful to have a sister!
This is Natalie my Sisters daughter she is my name sake. She is totally dramatic, speaks with her expressions, a diva, a smarty pants and a real romantic, SHE IS NOTHING LIKE ME ;). Its been fun to watch her and Ruby and G girl just develop a precious relationship! Cousins are so sweet.

Birthday Weekend- Happy 30th to me again (tehehe)

Started out on my Birthday with some home cooked grub from Thumbs up Diner in Atlanta, voted best top 12th Breakfast joints in America! It so was the best breakfast I have ever had! DELISH. A huge delicacy in the South is chicken and waffles, yes, you read that right. CHICKEN and WAFFLES. Trust me if you have never had them, your missing out. Try them, try them and you will!

So, something I wanted to do on my birthday was to go visit Martin Luther Kings neighborhood.
We had all five spend the night at grandmas and take off the next day to go explore so glad I did.
This is MLKs neighborhood, can you just imagine back in the day where they sat relaxing sipping on sweet tea (also very Southern, and I am now addicted!) I can't help but to close my eyes and envision Auburn street being very lively.
I imagine this street to have seen grief for the people that lived one these side of the track were not wanted to cross color lines.
This is the house that Mr. King was born. This was the house that Freedom rang loud and solid.

I sat on his porch and could not help but to close my eyes and listen to the cars drive up and down these streets, I imagine a scene like this one below. (I took this photo and just aged it :)

It may be a but morbid to many that I wanted to spend my birthday visiting historical artifacts or even visiting cemeteries the one pictured above is a VA National Cemetery in Marietta. We have so much of life to learn and sometimes it gives me great perspective to visit a cemetery and read the tombstones and think about what I want mine to read. Think about the impact I can make in my life, in my children, in my world, in the next year of my life that God has given me one more year to Celebrate! I know I am such a weirdo! That's what I did on my birthday. I smiled a ton and shed some tears of reflection on what the last year was like for me, and ate some good food with my man.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Mr. Huxtable turn Steve Irwin

I don't know if you have husbands that are handy men/cowboy type. The man that hears you say you want a new kitchen and presto he is busting out walls the next day, or they kinda guy that fixes anything that goes wrong in your home from plumbing to holes in wall, to fixing the loose cupboard. etc., to building a bunk bed our of scratch wood for the kids and perhaps can even make a bed post out of the tree you had to clear from your back yard.

Okay now let me tell you a little about my guy the Chief. Have you ever seen the Cosby show? Mr. Huxtable ,the dad, finds a leak in the kitchen sink and before you know it his handy man tools have come out in attempt to fix the leak. However he usually makes a bigger mess in the process. Meanwhile, Mrs. Huxtable is trying to call the repairman to fix it and Mr. Huxtable is determined that he will be the handyman (cowboy), regardless of the failed attempts of projects past. Its comical that the children know the situation and even hide the issues before Mr. Huxtable can get a wild hair to ''fix'' the situation. All in all Claire (Mrs. Huxatable wins) and a handyman is called.
Mr. Huxtable =Chief Claire=Natalie
Get my drift.
All-meaning well-loving, and all-intentional becomes yet another project and its okay. I am used to this kind of comic in my home. My cowboy/chief is a hero to us in other matters and this is most important to us.
So imagine my surprise, and my complete *AWE* when My cowboy wrestled a snake for us yesterday. I was chatting on the phone with my mom when I say the craziest thing, a snake basking in the sun on top of a shrub that I pass multiple times a day. *EWWWWWW*

Chief sees a passing neighbor and asks him to come take a look and make sure its not poisonous. Its not, luckily. So chief says ''Lets just leave the thing, its not making anyone upset!'' Ahem excuse my French here ''WHAT THE HELL *%*#*#; WHAT THE FREAK, HE HAS TO GO, I CAN NOT WALK ANOTHER STEP TILL I KNOW THAT DEVIL IS GONE!'' I know, I know, snakes are not devils to most people but for me reptiles with no legs are straight from the pit, if you disagree go find another blog to read you and I will not be friends. Its just that bad.The passing neighbor tells chief ''I don't care if its not poisonous if a snake was in my yard I would get it out!'' Chief looks at me and without thinking goes for a stick to tries to get this snake/devil out of our yard.

Our kids are all in awe as we watch him try to maneuver this stick to get the slippery snake to curl onto the stick. The snake whom I have nicked named Nambini (after Voldemorts snake on Harry Potter!) Nambini was not having it, he kept coiling (I do not like that word!) up in the tree and Chief tried and tried to get him using the stick. His ugly tail was sticking out of the shrub and chief grasped the tail, and started to yank on his tail. OH MY WORD, I was just on the front porch is disbelief as I see him pull with two hands at the snakes body and watch him wrestle with the snake to get him out. Finally he got him HE WAS A BIG SUCKER! He dropped him on the ground and chased him back to the creek.

I know right can you believe this??!
If you are like me with your love of snakes then you have a grimace on your face!
By this time my focus was not on my camera so as you see I did not take any more photos nor did I zoom in appropriately. I was on the thought that this snake will run for me our my kids to bite us because it was mad! It did not. All I can of this event is that I AM SO PROUD of My Chief!
But there you have it people my hero the Mr. Huxtable turn Steve Irwin and I LOVE HIM! Now would your cowboy/handy man wrestle a snake for you?! I hope so!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hole in my heart filled

For the last 14 years of my life my parents and I have lived on opposite sides of the United States, I was just a young bride learning about myself and my love and at first was excited at being away from everything familiar. We grew our household and grew and grew and grew. For a long time I had a hole in my heart that just had a missing sense of peace and companionship. It was a sense of loss and sadness at times for me.
I found it, its my mom and dad.
We made a deal to move near each other stripping away life for both of us of everything familiar. We had never lived in Georgia, and here we both are 14 years later.
Here are the awesomiest (that's not a word, but I feel it should be!) things thus far:
1. My parents have had two kids spend the night every Friday since they have been here.
2. They have been here close to three weeks, and I have seen them every single day.
3. My dad calls to invite me for pancakes and then wants to take me out to lunch.
4. He stops by the house some nights to play poker with my boys.
5. They buy my kids junk food all the time. (and get in trouble for it ;0)
6. My dad buys me Starbucks as a treat!
7. He comes with a drill sometimes to fix my to "help"do hubby list (that chief ah.. just doesn't seem to get around to it ;)
8. My mom cooks really really good!
9.My mom will do my dishes sometimes.
10. They love me for me!
11. I see photos of me around their home of when I was a child.
12. They share stories to my kids about our childhood.

I love(ed) Washington State, I miss it very much and some sweet friends and family also, but there is nothing that can fill the hole in my heart like my family. I wish that we could have both sets of grandparents because I know that my hole is being filled with the mama and papa, I am so sure Chiefs family is missing him and us very much and have a small hole in thier heart with our absence.
The honeymoon may be over and things may calm to normal whatever the new normal would mean here. I just love every moment of it! Some days I can't get this smile of my face!
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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!