Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The tween

AH the The tween age. Its the age before the a child turns 13, it ranges from 10-13 years of age. We are rocking the tween hood in our house and boy does it stink. Its like a Frankenstein meet Hulk.. It can go from 0-10 in a few seconds flat, 0 being even keel to 10 being crying at the craziest things. Yes they have begun. Its also the age when they find out they can really have an opinion and hurt you when they say it. Its vicious. I am not a fan at the moment of the tween era.
Sometimes the world is too loud and so they feel the need to tune it out. This is where this begins. Oh whats that you say? You can not hear me...let me assist you in unplugging you. Whats that face about? I am just making it easier for you to ''get'' me!
Its also the stage when playing with toys may not be so cool anymore, but I do catch him playing you know when no one can see him building the legos. Its the age when they no longer want to be walked into class or worse kissed in front of a teacher or friends. I surprise my kids some days and have lunch with them, its the coolest because the smile I get from them is priceless plus I have a secret addiction to school pizza. A-man my first grader always wants to hold my hand proudly showing his friends his mom, helping me with my platter and picking out my chocolate milk and handing me my silverware. The cutest! G always smiles and pats the seat next to her as to say ''come hang with me mom''. BUT J-Cool Cat looks at me, takes a few steps back and whispers ''what are you doing here?''....I bet if you listen very closely you can hear my heart shattering. Then I do what any mom would do ""Hey Js friends I am J's mom, Mrs. Teabo, so how is the day going for all of you....dudes and dudetes? Grovey man!'' and yes I do get a few chuckles and no none of them come from the cool cat himself.

He no longer cares to play at the park at least not for the first 10 minutes he has arms crossed as if he is too cool for school. Then about a few minutes later dad or I do a challenge ''I bet I can swing on the monkey bars longer than you!'' and its on, before you know it, who is playing. Ahh yes.
Its also the age that little by little we begin to allow, things into his life that he has been wanting to do for a LOnnnggg time. For example Harry Potter. Our boy is an avid reader, the kid that has to finish reading the entire book before he gets to bed. Harry Potter has been one of those books that we have held back a bit, and now feel that he is able to grasp reality from fantasy. So, I have to unplug and this is sad take his book away some times for him to play. I hate doing that, but he can live in the book and not see the world around him, or take his shoes off at the beach and touch the sand.
Oh goodness gracious its also the age we begin to discuss SEX. This one has been HARD for me. We both take turns to share with him details of the anatomy. NOT at the same time. He would die. His face usually turns bright red in color and he lets out a ginormous *sigh* whenever I causally bring it up. We tried last year and the boy would run, literally run, from us when we would begin. Now he sits through it and then ask the questions and then gives his opinion which is simply "that's gross, please don't tell me anymore!''

So there you have it friends, if you think about it pray for me, I find myself utterly at a loss of connection unless there are things I find I can connect with him, and its becoming harder and harder to find. I want to be uber cool but maintaing my mom hood can sometimes be a total joy-kill. Plus he thinks I am so uncool for loving Phil Collins or Duran Duran...that band was Sick yo, whats he talking bout willis?! I am so down with talk in this crib. SIKE!

Peace out and 2 Legit!


the H family said...

Oh, I will pray for you FOR SURE, because I also have a too-cool-for-everything tween here. He's 11 1/2, and don't forget that half. He has a 10 year old brother on his heels, with plenty of 'tude for them both. It's a tough age, and you described my L to a tee! Every word could have been about him. He absolutely LOVES it when I talk to his friends, oh yeah. If you ever want your tween to do something for you, threaten to call the girl he thinks is cute. Guaranteed, immediate compliance!!
I do have to say, watching my sweet little boys grow into strong, godly young men is an awesome experience. If we all survive and still like each other at the other end!

B'sBabyFarm said...

My oldest turned 10 last week.

I am not a fan of 10 year olds. :)

Great pics and hilarious post!

Miranda said...

i can't imagine what i was like. Of course I'm still like that but probably not as bad.... i could be worse though.. Good Luck! :) Loves <3

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Oh how I understand. You WILL survive this new phase. I have walked 8 kids through the "tween" years ... have 2 in the "tween" years right now ... and have two 9 year olds who are just on the verge.

Keep talking to him (not lecturing). Keep listening. Keep trying to understand this "new" son of yours.

My husband and I LOVE the teen years with our kids.

Just focus on your RELATIONSHIP with your children, ad you will not only survive, but you will thrive.

Laurel :)

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!