Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This kid...Boy do I love this kid!

A-man, oh how this boy brings tears to my eyes. Good ones, bad ones. This kid came to us at a massive 9 lbs 12 oz grew in the hospital to 10 lbs (instead of loosing) and has grown in crazy amounts over the last seven years of his little life. He has some obstacles we are working through together. BUT...BUT
He is doing amazingly well in school. We love that he is loving to learn. To get this kid to go to school, it has always been a battle. When I would arrive with him at school, red faced and hair all out, the teacher would just know. No explanation. Oh but at school he is so sweet and an angel...tiff!
Our new school has impressed us so much, and he is excelling in his work. Yesterday he wanted to tell me all out Theodore Roosevelt and his achievements, he shared with me about Harriet Tubman and how he thought she was great for all the slaves that she helped freed. He is doing Math....people this is big! He is reading small books but he is reading. He has new goals that the teachers (he three in his care :) are pushing towards and the best part they believe in him. We do miss our Centennial Teacher, but oh this teacher I just love!
He is loving our new rule: I learned this at my retreat. We put the smaller kids down first and for now G girl we are treating as a little younger and so we are allowing the big boys to stay up with mom and dad longer. It gives him a sense of calm and safety that he has been needing.
Oh my heart just swells for this kid!

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!