Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Radical-by David Platt

If you know me well, you know I am not a fan of fictional books. I like a good make me cry book but in a way that really challenges my spirit to live out loud for Christ! God doesn't need a book to make his words convicting BUT, sometimes there are books like these that really make me want to yell ""YES..AMEN ...and preach it!'' The latter I believe is my new Southern coming out. Chief and I have been reading this book out loud to each other. Its not romantic people, we just have one copy and I don't want him to read ahead and he doesn't want me to loose his spot. See when I put it that way it takes the romance out of it. Okay scratch that last part we read to each other and gaze into one another eyes.
If you have not read this book as yet....WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Read it. David is a pastor of a mega church Brook Hills in Birmingham Alabama. Here is an except from the back sleeve of the book
''Its easy for American Christians to forget how Jesus said his followers would actually live, what their new lifestyle would actually look like. The would, he said, leave behind security , money, convenience, even family for Him. the would abandon everything for the gospel. They would take up their cross daily....But who do you know who lives like that DO YOU?''

David describes how we as Americans have manipulated scripture to fit our cultural Jesus. He tells the story about what is happening in his church a suburban mega church. Its amazing stuff!

We are not done yet. BUT, I didn't think I needed to read this book, I know PRIDE right, but I thought well I am living this out I am being totally RADICAL! BUT, here is the convicting part for me thus far. For a while now I have been carring a ''eyore, radical demeanor. Let me explain. We knew the Lord was calling us to adopt, we knew that it meant sacrificing everything, and we knew it meant that that would look like a daily devotion to Him, that every single provision would have come from Him. We knew and we know it is a dying to self daily picking up our cross and following Him. BUT, what was our attitude? We had come to the place where we felt like Eeyore. ''Woa is me, God choose us, yeah we get to be poor, and live like missionaries for HIM!'' Get my sarcasm.
After reading a chapter about secret churches gathering in china and how my fellow brother and sisters risk their lives, every day to gather. The risk the danger of having their tongue cut off for sharing the gospel, for their homes to be taken from them. Here is what one of the young men said
"I have told my family that I will likely never come back home. I am going to hard places to make the gospel known, and it is possible that I will lose my life in the processes''
another Young man added " But our families understand. Our moms and dads have been in prison for their family and they have taught us that Jesus is worthy of ALL our DEVOTION''

Have I shared with our children that THIS Jesus is WORTH all of my DEVOTION? Have I shown my fellow sisters and brother in Christ that the trails I should count as a blessing because JESUS is WORTH that kind of DEVOTION?!

HE SO IS WORTH IT! ...SO, Please read it take a look!!

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