Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Creat to Care- 2011

Photo taken By Erica, becuase I was to lazy to bring my camera down ;0

I was blessed to share the weekend with 250 adoption/foster mamas. It was amazing to be around women that get you! Created to Care started in the heart of a sweet new friend here in Georgia ,Andrea. I meet her at the adoption conference in Austin and began to follow her blog when I saw that she was thinking of doing a retreat for mamas, and that it would be in Georgia I was ALL OVER THAT ONE! The retreat was going to be for 25 moms and the Lord multiplied it to 250 women all that have desire to get encouragement and knowledge on how to help heal the children placed in our homes or going to be placed in our homes, and a bonus was to be together with some radically moved women that hear Gods heart beat for these children.

We listened to amazing women speak such as Susan Hills a scientist at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta who adopted 7 children from Russia after her 9 year old son was killed by a car, during a family bike ride. Her story of God redeeming her life and multiplying it was inspirational. Also Nancy Thomas from When love is not enough, with her beautiful sense of humor and wisdom as she fostered 101 children from the foster system that are highly hurt children. At one time Nancy had 7 psychopaths children in her home. She loved them back to health in miraculous ways and has written a book about the system they had in place for them. I have began to read the book and I am blown away by how it has helped me, in just a few days.
Cried with happy tears as we listened to Amy Monroe from the ministry tapestry speak on how to openly speak with your child about their adoption and how to help them find a voice when others ask questions or speak about them when they are right there. (Some people can really be clueless!) Enjoyed and laugh till my sides hurt when another African American mama spoke on hair care for african children. Oh it was VERY educational. I have been messing up my girls hair NO JOKE!
My room mates Erica and Angie kept me up till 3 am so it was not a sleeping retreat but it was wonderful to share with these women my heart in tears and laughter.
And God is doing something over this weekend. I can not share details as yet. BUT stay tunned to something awesome. NO, we are not adopting people, you can slow your heart rate down ;)


Jodi said...

Hey - not too shabby of a picture!! Wonder who took that one for you? I really need to get busy and update my blog, but I am too busy trying to be a wonderful mom! I am failing at that too today!

Erica said...

Uh hem.....who kept who up?!?! ;) You have my blog linked to Andrea's! HA HA!

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