Sunday, January 30, 2011

Green Grass

Greener Grass? Not always.

So, we both knew that moving to GA would be very difficult for our entire family as a whole. We knew that adjusting for our new kids would have to take place once again. It would be a hardship to endure but we also knew it was time. Not knowing the details in the whole plan has made us have to rely on God for each next step but also on each other with so many uncharted waters ahead in this journey. Its knitting us together.

Its been hard, but we are now seeing the the reasons come unfold before us. Me and the kids miss home dearly. Chief strangely and I say strangle because he has never called anywhere else home does not miss it at all.

This season will be amazing and hard all at once. Its will bring something that we have been craving.. HEALING. From the battles that we have fought in, but THIS is a season of HEALING.

For each one of us alike. Healing from relationships, healing from past hurts and trauma, healing from things we never even knew was inside, as we become a family united.

The grass in Georgia is dormant all winter so if you can imagine being from the Evergreen state to being ALL winter with brown grass and brown practically everywhere, you know its a tough one. Not as tough as seeing sunshine every day to not seeing it at all for daaaaayyyyysssss.

BUT, the grass will wake and become green again. Spring will come, the trees will spring forth new growth, and it will be full and lush once again.

In this same way is this season of our lives. We needed some resting time a good time for healing some growth in the brown grass of our souls. Refreshing and rejuvination. This is OUR time.

Updates:*My post on depression opened up so many doors of communication for women in the same struggle, it has blown me away how many of us are at this same place. I do need to update and share that the medication I have been on has been a drastic change in my mood and I am seeing a therapist*GASP*! Let me tell you, you do not need to see a therapist when things are going bad only. See a therapist as a life couch. We are seeing ours once a week and he has been a HUGE part of our journey to wholeness and healing to hope and redemption.

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