Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas in the South

The girls paiting nails

Tagging cousin Oscar with the first snowball of the season!

Poor Cheif he was coming down with the nasty flu this day.

Oh my heck, its been a while. Moving takes a huge adjustment on everyone. I am trying to find the Georgia me, if that makes any sense. I really miss the Washington me, if that makes any sense at all?!
I find myself so sad missing my Washington friends and life. Then there are times like Christmas, where I am in the same room with my mom and dad and family and know this was what I had been missing for so long. My parents just bought a home here in Georgia (they are in Florida) but the wont move till May of next year. Its times when my mom and dad come visit and my parents fill my house with laughter and support and ease. My dad can not stay still so whenever he is over you will find him sweeping out my garage, vacuuming out my van you know they things I DREAD to do. My mom you will find folding laundry, scrubbing my stove and mopping my floors. Is it bad to want your parents to move in with you, is that odd?
I know this seems strange but I enjoy my children so much more when they are with me. I don't feel stressed, I feel at ease and relaxed.
Christmas was amazing, we had HUGE blessings at our door. HUGE! We didn't want to go in dept to have Christmas gifts and we were going to be short a couple of kids, a miracle happened when a new friend handed us 500$ and told us Merry Christmas. I love God and how we works those things out so we can trust him. Even when we start to think He has forgotten us.
We were able to get everything on our kids list. G and E had a great first Christmas!
My parents were on the way out the day after Christmas when I suggested the best thing, take my big boys to Florida! :) We packed them up and sent them to Florida for the week. When would that have been possible? Love that. Our boys get to hang with grandpa all day for a week, they are in heaven!
Still can use your prayers as we are adjusting to a different life, different financial situations as well, and I can use a job!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Will continue to pray for you in this huge adjustment!!!! :) Love you my friend and glad that you had a great Christmas!!!

Murphy Momma said...

Hey lady. Good to hear how it's going. I can't believe you still sent out Christmas cards in all this transition!!! What were you thinking? They are awesome but even after that, I still don't have your new address - you didn't put it on your card. Sorry you got skipped here.

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!