Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Family photos-Kristen Harris

See all the Super snazzy photos. They are so awesome, Thank you Kristen Harris for hanging in my favorite spot the Pike Place Market in Seattle. I already miss it. You captured the crazy fun love that is the Teabo Tribe! If you are in the Puget Sound area and you do not like the common photo op, then you would love Kristen, she is fresh and modern and just a sweetheart!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday EQ

This little angel, (he really is not a little angel ;) but he is adorable! He just turned 5 today on National Adoption Day! Is he not the darnest cutest little person...ever!?

Friday, November 19, 2010

What a move!

We have been here a full week and two days. I have yet to bust out my camera and begin capturing our lives I know, crazy! Our last week in Washington was extremely sad for us, and each one of us had emotional breakdowns. It was VERY emotional. Our new kids regressed because the changes and began to do things they did when they just came. There were melt downs left and right and Chief and I had our own emotions to deal with so I can say it may have not been pretty at our house that last week at all. It was HARD maintaing the peace keeper role.
We ended our last week spending time with friends and family and it made me wish that we all treated each other as if we were moving always. You know the saying you don't know what you have until you loose it. Same concept. We were really embracing our relationships more than we had before, and I am ashamed to use time as an excuse.
The last day approached and saying good byes made me emotionally spent! We had dinner at Chiefs brothers house and it was so sweet. Chiefs brother and his lovely wife and my bestie drove us to the airport. Tears, big tears again.
The next few hours our family did a huge turn around and I was floored by what I saw. We became a unit, everyone helping out, the travel was EASY. The best travel I have ever done with kids. It was as if we were cutting each other grace because we are in it together. Beautiful.
We arrived Georgia, and in an instant, I missed home. I knew it would happen, the last few weeks at home saying good bye to the bestest friends made me second guess our move tons!
I think I change my mind, I kept saying over and over in my head. I looked over to my guy standing by my side and I began to cry. ''I am so scared!'' There you have it folks. Me the brave woman, courageous, I was scared.
My Aunt and Cousin picked us up we went to lunch and then to our new house. Nothing in it, bare. I was missing something. The truck arrived and we began to unpack. The next day feeling a little bit better we went to unpack with the help of family. Then some new friends showed up, two adoption families that new of our arrival and I had been corresponding with.
Fast forward to a few days later. I began to feel better, seeing my family made the difference. My kids adore my cousins Aunty Cindy and Little Oscar (who is not so little ;) My house was getting cozy, I began to hold my chin up.
Fast forward to the first day of school. I was more nervous than the kids, I thought the kids would hate it. They all were starting determined to not like it because the want their old schools back. Recipe for disaster.
The staff and principal welcomed us with Southern hospitality (you get that a ton here!)
The teachers were absolutely excited and sweet. I walked each child into class and left, nervous for them and praying that they would have a decent day, just okay would be fine. I was surprised that when I went to the carpool lane for pick up the teachers walked the children to my car opened the car door and said she checked in on them ALL, and said ''see you tomorrow kids'' and shut my door. Did this just happen, YES, the kids get escorted to the car pool lane! Its so organized they have you pull up and a staff reads the name of the students on your tag for the car, she has a walkie talkie, so when I pull forward all my three are waiting with another teacher. SO...first day. The all came in the the van and began to talk all at once. They were so excited!!! They loved it! One child in J mans class walked around the class and got kids to sign a card to welcome him. His name is Ryan. The same name of his bestie back home.
A-man loves his teacher, G.G. loves the school. Favorite is lunch, I guess they get smoothies with hot lunch, and a ton of selections. The way to my kids heart is.. you got it, food! Today is day 4, and it continues to blow me away the amazing staff and the way the teachers are all on top of the education. I am impressed!!
I have so much more to say, but I gotta get out of boxes some more,. More later, on our move.
PS. My sister and parents come tomorrow to spend a week with all of us and I am SO SO excited!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

7 Days

I am an emotional wreck on the home front. I am scared, I am sad to leave my best friends. I am nervous and I am wiping tears from my children's eyes. A couple times I almost threw in the towel! Change is hard. I am living out of a suitcase right now, and in the next few hours will be packing my home computer. Chief is packing the TV right now. We are TIRED. I am so happy that I have amazing friends that have planned night outs and parties for us to keep my mind from going crazy. I have had help packing from some sweet friends.
Please pray for our family in transition, and right now we are camping so...if you think about us pray EXTRA hard! Extra hard also for family that we are leaving, its going to be HARD.
ON THE GOOD SIDE: I have friends already in Georiga and already a church we defiantly want to check out. This Church's home group without even knowing us has said they would forfeit a home group night to help us unpack the truck. For reals?! It will be okay

Happy Halloween


Some snit bits of our Teabo Tuesday fun!

Mummy Meatloaf I fogot the picture but the meatloaf also came with ghostly potato skins, that had sourcream and green onions. All ideas from Family Fun magazine.

Mac N Cheese octopus

Our Ghana kids first Halloween, they were very scared. I had to skip out on stores that had the icky scary costumes. This Halloween our first born really wanted to go as something 'not cute' in his own words and there you go, white face and fangs not cute he went. BUT, the kids could not stand near him, they were to frightened. Overall when it came to the first door they were more than happy to go again and again. Now 4lbs of candy later....we are awaiting the candy fairy maybe she will show up tonight? :)
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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!