Friday, October 8, 2010

T4A- Tom Davis from Hope Chest International

I signed up for my friends Tom Davis session on child trafficking this last weekend at T4A. Sat right down and began to listen as he shared his story on how he became involved with Orphan care and the beginning of Hope Chest International. The room sat still as he began to talk about the children that are trafficked every year.
  • 1.2 million children are trafficked every year; this is in addition to the millions already held captive by trafficking
  • Every 2 minutes a child is being prepared for sexual exploitation
  • The average victim is forced to have sex up to 40 times a day
  • The average age of a trafficked victim is 14 years old
  • Sex trafficking is an engine of the global AIDS epidemic
  • By 2010 Sex Trafficking will be the number one crime worldwide
  • The astonishing number that kept ringing inside me was that for the World Cup there were 40,000 people trafficked, That was one world event, ONE.I am sure most of them are under age and they also not alarming that most of these children are orphans. Why orphans. They are the target, no one cares about them. No one will realize there is one less orphan in this world. The stats he shared were alarming, but these girls have a face each of them matter to our Abba. If they matter to Abba because of their status ''orphan'' then the need to matter to us, the Bride of Christ.
    If you check out the number of children trafficked from your own back yard it will also be alarming. Most of these children have BOTH parents, they get baited in through the Internet and sadly fall victim to horrible crimes. If you live in Seattle and Portland guess what your number 1! If you don't believe me just Google it read the articles. Its sick and wrong! What made me open my ears also is that when "men or women get hooked on pornography they are fueling the child trafficking industry'' -Tom Davis. Sick.
    Tom played a video where girls who had escaped the traffic ring in Moldavia Russia had spoke about the experience. Watching these girls speak about the captivity they had been in and are healing from made my heart pierce. This is what Religion is to set the captives free! How on earth can we even ignore this situation??

    He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,

    to proclaim freedom for the captives

    and release from darkness for the prisoners Isaiah 61

    Yeah that's our job!

    Hope Chest International fights trafficking and has safe homes set up in some of these cities, they have been successful in rescuing girls from the grips of this horrific evil. The rescues are not only taking them out but setting them up with counselor for helping healing of these girls and providing safe place for them.

    We were in Tom Davis Q&A where we got to ask questions and Tom and Vince Giordano Outreach director for Hope Chest, were very helpful in answering these questions. One person asked how much these rescues cost $2300-2600. This includes everything to help the girls get out, and help them receive all the things they will need. We were all done with the Q&A and I am sure I can express what everyone in that room was feeling like we were hit with a ton of bricks. The gentleman that asked the question about the cost stood up and asked if he can say some things. This is what he shared in a nutshell

    ''I am sure that everyone here wants to do something, Now we can, we can all walk out this room and come Monday morning we may not think about these girls! I have counted us in this room we are 80 if we can all give 30$ we can rescue one girl, think about it like your own daughter. I have a 4 year old daughter and I can't even begin to imagine this! Whatever you give I will double, please don't walk out without doing something!''

    We began to open our wallets and people writing checks and placing all the money on the podium, hoping that we will at least fund to save one girls lives. Look at what happened here.

    Tom has a new novel out called Priceless. Check out this website to see how you can be engaged in helping set captives free!

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